Last week saw Coach AMZ be part of a Trade Mission to Samoa to be part of an eCommerce Panel and keynote speaker on Amazon. 

The theme that came through was the importance of video to increase your online sales. 

Amazon strongly encourages video on your listing, though only available if you are Brand Registered (i.e. use Enhanced Brand Content).

Well that has all changed down with Amazon Sweepstake and today we talk about how to get your video’s in front of Amazon customers with a specific strategy to have your product video viewed over 4,000 times, and it will only cost you 2 produce Giveaway’s 


[00:22] Getting Most of Video

[01:03] Shift in Google Result

[02:45] Using Videos Without Trademark

[03:30] Amazon Sweepstakes

[05:15] Discount Giveaway

If you are an expanding business, want to launch or Amazon or just work with a trusted partner to sky rocket your Amazon sales, then please contact us to see how we can help.

We are Amazon consultants that work with the top 1% of Amazon sellers and our goal is to give your business a 50% increase in sales adjustable bases mattress at within the first 6 months.

CoachAMZ are the Amazon optimization consultants who deliver real results for their Amazon FBA customers

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