Today we kick off with my Amazon Australian story. From moving to New York, having my partner (now wife) become pregnant and the immediate change this caused to finding the smartest way to sell online through Amazon


I find learning and taking action is the key for progress and happiness.

Years back I attended a 2 day course on how to sell online. It was one of those old style long copy style websites that don’t look great, but still sell well

After the course I found a product that was perfect to sell online and created a basic WordPress site and had my own online business

The issue was I didn’t have any video of the product working, and you really need an example of how the product worked

Once I made a video, sales went from 1 per month to 1 per week to a few a day. It felt great getting sales while I slept and I started learning more about SEO and blogging.

This started to really change my lifestyle as I was able to start travelling and still earn money and ended up taking 9 months off to travel around Central and South America.


Fast forward from my life story, I met this lovely lady who is now my wife, we travel to New York after getting hired by company who responded to a CV I post online.

We are having a great time living and working in New York and having a passive income at the same time. Life is great!

Until one day a huge order came in, have to get my wife to drop in the products in the post office however it is snowing that day and my wife is pregnant. My wife talk me to it, I have to find a way the baby and her health is the priority. That is when I found out about Amazon. was a game changer and made a huge difference. It allow me to

  • • Send products to Amazon and they will then ship it out for me
  • • Automate the entire sales and customer service process
  • • Get huge exposure to the Amazon customer base and increase sales by x5-x10 in a matter of week

The best way to build a real business and start building your passive income is via an Amazon FBA Business.

You can quickly build a 5 figure, into a 6 figure into a 7 figure income in a very manageable and controllable process.

Now Amazon is coming to Australia, I’m helping Australian businesses, entrepreneurs and people who want to start selling online, build successful Amazon businesses


[2:47] – Start of my online career 

[6:50] – Life is great selling online 

[8:02] – How selling on Amazon changed my life  

[10:00] – Finding the Holy Grail 

CoachAMZ is an Amazon FBA expert that offers various services including Amazon product listing optimization to increase entrepreneurs’ Amazon sales. If you want some help in getting started, then I would love to help out. Please reach out to me so that I can organize an Amazon  Selling Strategy Session  

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Episode 1

We took all things Amazon speaking with Amazon FBA Expert from around the world to help you grow and build your Amazon business. Hey guys, welcome to the first article of CoachAMZ. My name is Peter and today I get to tell you my story. So, you get to know me what my journeys been and how I got he so I want to get back to around 2002, 2003 and lived in Sydney and moved to London for a few years.

It’s quite a common thing for Australian to do. And it was a fantastic time travel throughout Europe went through Asia really had a good time and sort of got to know myself early 20s and is a really good time to look back on it. This is a pivotal time because at the end of my stay in London I came back to Australia to start a business and it’s my first entrepreneurial flair on a bit of a decent scale myself and two partners.

So, those three of us invested 40,000 each and we imported some industrial chemicals before we had a talk with Amazon FBA Expert. Now also excited about it we did these figures in sales forecasts and I thought it was going to be a winner. Well within about a month got a huge shock our first order of chemicals, I think we ordered around 10,000 aerosol bottles that half of our investment went missing.

I don’t know how these happened to the day but they couldn’t find it. So, what we had to do was re order another batch so all our capital went. So, our second batch of 20000 each which as a total was 60000 was spent on that. And what made it worse was once we’d made that order and try to claim the first one insurance we found out that the stock the first magically appeared.

So now we’ve got double stock we need spend all investment and now we’ve got no money for sales and marketing. Needless to say, I worked in that company for about 12 months and didn’t take a salary. I really struggled I remember being in London having this great job traveling throughout Europe and then being back in Sydney with his company though I thought was my dream but it really wasn’t me.

I spend 12 months then at the end of 12 months I said on the phone on the way to make some income I left the business. I didn’t take anything out of it until the partners stayed in and the business still is running today with the help of Amazon Seller Consulting Services. 12 years on so it’s a testament to the one person stayed in. And he’s still got a great business through it. But what came of it was learnt that one of the products was really suitable was selling on line.

About a year before I went to a course and it was about those long sales pages you know in the mid-2000s you’d have a product along sales page with all the benefits and at the end you could buy it not a product from his previous business that was perfect for it. So, it took that product set up a site that I learn in the course and put online. Now I think I’ve got one sale in the first month and then I realized I made a video on the. And this is going back 10 years before videos were big so I made a video and put it on there and within a week of about to sell so went from one sale in a month to one sale in a week, I thought this is pretty good.

So, there is a learning about SEO and a few other cool things and blogging and started building up to get 2 3 4 sales a day which is a really nice passive income. And that led me in 2009 traveling for 12 months. I needed a break so I went travelling and I went through mainly South America Central America and a bit of the U.S. and it was really interesting time because I spend a lot time become a yoga teacher meditation and I really enjoyed it. But the key for me was I had these one product that was being old in Australia that pretty much paid for my holidays. When you travelling in Central or South America it’s really cheap.

So, I was selling probably three dollars a week with my product. I was not aware of the Amazon Seller Consulting Services .And that was enough to leave when I was travelling had no expenses. Well what I do is twice a week, I’ll send an email to my dad say things are great and I copy him with all the orders and you just pop in the post office. So, it’s really fantastic. And then after about 12 months travelling I came back to Australia again and looked at what to do. And then fast forward a few years to 2013 and met it a lovely lady who’s now my wife and we decided to go travelling to Mexico for about three to six months because my cousin had moved to New York was getting married.

So we thought this is a great way to travel three to six months New York for the wedding and come home. But at the time was that a job and some stuff happened and the job finished up and it meant we didn’t have any funds to the beach trip. So, it was a bit of a rock and a hard place and my wife said Why don’t you look for a job in New York. My long-term belief was I was strange guy no visa getting a job in New York, how you do the interviews?

But put it aside and put out some say these send him off the rejections. No, no, no, no. Then one company said we are interested. Wow that sounds really exciting. An interview that could be possible. And we’re going to have the interview on Skype, waited until 11pm. And it was probably the worst interview I had about.

We did the interview and the other thing you can’t see that person. And it just, doesn’t feel right. I came downstairs and told my girlfriend that it was the worst interview I ever had. There’s no way this is going to happen. And then nothing happened. And I kept saying oh we’re going to get the job but we going get the job. And I said and they kept saying well we think about it we’re thinking about it and I came to a point where to make a decision. So this is where it seriously came in to me, I called the recruiter and I said Look I know you’re interested. I need to make a decision within the next three days if not I have to take another opportunity.

And lo and be behold within three days I came back and said great would love you to come, when can you start? And I was in Sydney living whoa. I said to him two weeks. So, within two weeks packed up everything in Sydney. Organize a visa and found a loophole in a visa legitimate that I just had to do some research. Two weeks later I arrive in New York leaving, I went This is fantastic. I still have these products selling online without knowing Amazon Product Listing Optimization because over there selling the product without Amazon Seller Consulting Services was not so easy.

I used to ask my wife to go to the post office each day to drop off the orders and this was for the summer. She wasn’t working she’s having a great time. So, I didn’t go for it at the time comes with my fiancé later and it was really good fun leaving New York having a great time selling your product at the same time everything was great and then things turned interesting. We got really serious and I said to my wife why not after watching a movie. Will you marry me. And likely she said yes. And that was the start of how a marriage I’d say because we’ve been married for five years now and we’ve got two kids and it was really exciting.

I thought wow we’ve moved to New York, beautiful woman he met a year and a half ago. I mean guys life is great! Then within about another month we had to try to have a baby and my wife became pregnant. Life is really moving fast and I was going to built up the best Amazon Seller Consulting Services and let others people know my experience. And we’re really having a good time just sort of one of these moments in life with so much having say quickly. And then one day I get a really big order from a customer. Wanted to have at that time it was five hundred dollars which now is not to big order at all, but at the time was massive and I suspect more saying look you need to get the post office to drop this order off, it’s really important.

She said “well you know I’m pregnant and it’s snowing in New York” and I played it. Then she did it. And in hind side it was a terrible move. But at the same time, it was a really great move because that night at dinner. She set me down and said Peter we love each other but the baby’s health comes first I’m pregnant. I can’t be doing these types of things and I’ll tell her I understood and that night I made a decision to find a better way to make these passive incomes without and build a business without having to be stocking the products at home and get my wife at the post office. It just wasn’t feasible. It wasn’t scalable so that night I said yes I promise you find a way.

And lo and behold I heard about Amazon and what it was that allowed me to send my products to Amazon and that’s how I am able to bring you the best Amazon Seller Consulting Services. One product and then ship it out for me. So that meant every time an order came in I just logged in clicked a few buttons the order would go out. I thought well this is perfect. This is exactly what I’m after. And when I did that myself started going up five ten times.

Right before that I was just using it to dispatch him and then we had a great time in New York because of the pregnancy we came home to Sydney and that year in Sydney I went to a marketing course and they said you should test your price levels just put these one product on Amazon and kept at the same price tweak the price a few different price levels and I put it one level when all of a sudden the sales went up five or ten fold and went wow these Amazon’s really got legs like was doing well before. But now this is automated.

I don’t have to stock any products and if it came the house and if doing marketing my sales are up five to ten-fold which is absolutely fantastic and really excited by this I don’t think that could happen. What else is possible. I was having a beer with one of my mates and he had a business and we just said I have a bet with each other. If we didn’t shave a bit then we had to pay the other person I think another a thousand five hundred dollars on a really fun night outside would be good but if you lost a bet spending 500 to 2000 your best mates it’s a bit questionable but it’s like enough motivation enough stakes to make it worthwhile. So, I made a bet with him that I wanted to sell the 100 products 100 units a week at the time a few years back was a really big deal for me.

So, what I did was I started reading books listen to podcasts and then within about 12 weeks I’ll get up to 100 units a week. I thought wow this is actually real business 100 units a week I am not stocking anything it is automated. I’m not blogging, I am not writing SEO. I thought I found the holy grail and then I said to myself instead of a hundred a week. Why not try for 100 a day? I went back to the same prices bought books listen to podcasts on it for courses and I was only reading about this time 4-6 months that I went to 100 units a day. I want to stand great on Amazon and Amazon FBA Expert helped me a lot. And now that number is quite small when I look back and haunt sort of how far we’ve come.

But the key things from this is every time I’ve been in a tough situation I had a breakthrough or found a way to get through it and if it’s through the education investing myself and often these times have to pay for cause it seems seem like an expensive cost to me but then I realize it’s been an investment I’m out of my journey so far coming along and I have an Amazon business that does seven figures and across UK Canada US. It’s really growing to something that I never expected four years ago but the key has been to invest myself and learn and I don’t tell you this to try to impress you. We’ll talk about my numbers because I know there’s many 8-9 figure sellers out there but tell you that it’s possible. When investing yourself to learning takes something from a small idea growing to something exponential.

So, this is the first article to share my experience. I’d love to hear feedback what you like what you’d like to hear about and hopefully one day we meet face to face in person and we can share our stories and maybe help each other out. My name is Peter from CoachAMZ. It’s been great to share my first story. Look forward too many more and get benefitted in your Amazon business with our Amazon Seller Consulting Services and also know more to How to Sell on Amazon Australia.

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