When a seller wants to sell your products on Amazon,the basic question you need to ask is

“Are you a re-seller or a brand owner?”

The reason is being a brand owner allows a lot more control over your listing, promotion and end results.

When you are a reseller, you are often at the mercy of other players who compete for the buy box.


Having an Amazon listing that does not convert to sales is pointless.

When selling on Amazon the foundations are:
1. Must use FBA,
2. Have optimize keywords
3. Very high-quality images.


When reselling with FBA on Amazon you must consider your product packaging size to avoid having an over sized products (basically you want to keep it the same of a show box)

Check out this list for the exact sizes:

The reason for this, is because larger products takes much more space compared to smaller items thus fees charged by Amazon for sales and storage are much higher than pornskill shy gal hentai.


Put simply, you must use the highest traffic and converting keywords that customers use to find your product. Sounds simple…..!

In determining the keywords try to think of ways your customer would search for a product, ask friends
for their opinion and start from there.

From the keywords you gathered, enter them into Amazon’s search box and see what are the top searches (i.e the results that appear at the top of the search bar are the highest traffic)

Once you have your keywords, make sure that the title contain these plus the benefits


A major contributing factor for a high converting product listing is having quality product images. Amazon requires its main image to be displayed on a white background, but the 2nd 3rd or all the other images can be a lifestyle photo or an image that can tell a story.


So now you have a great Amazon product listing excellent quality photos and you are well priced in terms of the competition.

However your product is not converting into sales. This sounds like a credibility issue (i.e. a lack of reviews).

With your Amazon product listings, we suggest you have at least 5 organic reviews, meaning 5 individuals purchased your product and have it an honest review.

To start this you can ask some of your friends, relatives or colleagues to buy your product at a full price and provide a review. If they can add a picture to the it will make a massive difference to your conversions and sales.


[00:55] – Launching Your Own Brand


[05:50] – Gaining Credibility

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Episode 11

Here we will talk all things, Amazon speaks with Amazon FBA Expert from around the world to help you grow and build your Amazon business with the help of Amazon Seller Consulting Services. Hey guys welcome to another article of Coach AMZ where we talk all things of Amazon internationally and here in Australia to provide you tips and tricks for How to Sell on Amazon Australia.

Today’s article I’m quite excited about because we’ve been helping a lot of individuals launch their products on Amazon with the help of Amazon Seller Consulting Services through the private label but now we’ve had a couple of companies reach out to us who want to launch an Amazon we’ve got existing business and how they go about it is really interesting because you’re dealing with an established business with their own brand and there aren’t infrastructure already and it takes some different skills and tactics known through Amazon FBA Expert to launch that.

According to theAmazon FBA Expert the actual launching process is the same, but the assets you already have is quite different. So today I will talk about if you’re an existing business how do you launch your product on Amazon? Before you get into this any business that wants to sell on Amazon, there’s one question to ask at the start and that is whether you are a reseller or you have your own brand with your reseller selling on Amazon is a very different kettle of fish.

If your reseller for example you’re selling a brand of door locks that there’s six or seven other sellers you need to win the buy box and to do that it basically comes down to two things. First of all, you must be FBA for fulfillment.

If you’re not FBA as it is must according to the any Amazon FBA Expert, it’s extremely hard to win the Buy Box because Amazon really pushes FBA and there’s multiple sellers of the same SKU then they’re going to put that first and the second part is you need to be very close or at least the cheapest seller. There are some other components that go into it such as your feedback seller rating things like that. The majority is the cheapest or are and these FBA but if you are reseller. But, today we can talk about these businesses that have their own brand their own label. I want to go in about how you launch that.

So, the process of getting your listing up there is the same. If you’re a private label you must use FBA and going to the Amazon FBA Expert,. I always recommend people to look at their box sizing because if your oversize, and there’ll be a link in the show notes if you’re an oversized product, so, a lot bigger than a shoe box then your fees go up much higher on Amazon. You have to be careful in your stock and your inventory otherwise they can catch up to you and also your fulfillment cost Amazon charge a much higher rate.

The reason being for that is there’s high shipping fees is bigger for them to store and it’s harder. It takes more effort to fulfill it was if you’re a small product the fees are much lower. Yet a higher rate. So first of all, before we kick off just know what you’re in for in terms of storage costs and actual profits and check the show notes for the link for that. So, once you know what your products are I recommend companies, look find out is that profitable, what’s a top 20 percent that relate to 80 percent of sales do some analysis first.

Because, often companies say I want to put everything on Amazon, Amazon say you might have a really big catalog. Well that’s great but if you are using FBA you know have actually products tied up with capital according to Amazon FBA Expert. So, you want to be careful about how much you actually have in the warehouse I always say look do a 20:80 analysis once you know that start with those top sellers also get the best Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

When you got those work out what the listings going to be and how you are going to handle Amazon Product Listing Optimization and this is the same for anyone. If your private label is starting out or an established business there’s a few things you wanted to write for your listing. The first one is the actual title and the description you must get the right keywords so know what your audience is searching for.

What I always recommend is take the product, hand it to your team some other friends say How would you describe this produc. And once they describe it, put that into the Amazon search field and find out what that key top terms are or what actually appear at the top a list. Then type those into that search box in Amazon. So, Amazon gives you a lot of data. If still you are facing any trouble you can easily go with Amazon Listing Optimization Service.

So, the first thing you have to do is get your keywords right makes sure you total has a keyword plus a benefit. And sure, the description relates to keywords and really tells a story about how the product helps a user. 12 months ago, there’s a lot of keyword stuffing in Amazon really long titles but they’ve cracked down on that and I’m not sure the exact science of it but shorter titles probably 100 characters are 50 characters are converting a lot better on Amazon. And that’s the point with saying look we don’t want keyword stuffing.

We know that’s not what the customer wants. The customer wants a nice symbol titles they can read it and know exactly what the product is. The first step is key keywords right get your title and descriptions working well once you’ve done that you’re looking at images. So, if you’re an existing product you’ve already got some images that using your own e-commerce site and you need to take that a step further.

Amazon only allows you to have the product on white background as your main image before the other images, you can use as much colors different background benefits all these types of things in the images. So, I always recommend for a business at launching have at least two to three lifestyle photos.

If you’re selling a Fitbit like a health watch or all things active have a picture of healthy people running the park using your product if it’s related to that, show another one where it describes a product or the like a storyboard where the product arrives come out of a packaging someone using it and maybe afterwards the result they get from it. All this put a great effect on your Amazon Product Listing Optimization.

So, you really want to paint a picture that gives an emotional connection to the product. It’s so much more powerful when you have images that get people emotionally connected to it to making them want to buy so that’s your foundation if you’re launching on Amazon you’re keywords not people searching for a great time description and amazing images. There’s further work in the back end you need to do. But we will get into that another day because what I’ve talked about in this article of Coach AMZ is really the foundation. So, it means you’re ready for a launch if you don’t have the right foundation.

There’s no point launching as even we drive traffic there is not going to convert. So, having that foundation base means when you get eyeballs to your listing they’re going to convert. So, if you’re an existing business you’re listing up there. It looks great. The first thing you want to do is get some credibility you want at least five reviews for your product and these need to be legitimate. Reviews where you have bought your product online and given honest review.

So you start this with colleagues or friends or people you know who like your product make sure they buy it for the full price make sure they are given honest review and actually use it. And that’s a key to get it started and if you can ask and actually put a product picture review with it. That’s amazing people love product reviews with pictures. The reason I say five is five is the minimum number you want to reviews to show that the product’s legit.

If you got a listing up there and people scrolling down and other relevant products you’ve got no reviews on there. People turn off and click on how they think. New Listing. Don’t know what it’s like could be dodgy. The first thing to do is that you found at least five reviews before you do promoting the product through a launch.

So, if your existing business. I’m assuming you’ve got a database of e-mail customers who have bought from you before. There’s some other things you can do as well like PPC to get traffic in. But I am going to say that for a separate episode.

This one is just out existing businesses leveraging off your e-mail list so you need to do is determine the top competitor and how many sales you’re getting the day for the relevant keywords all you can get through . So, find your keyword that you are going to target before you do your launch. Find out where you’re on Amazon are you on page 1 at position 7 or page 2 it positions 10 or maybe page 10 if it’s really competitive work out where you are for that keyword and then you want to go to the front page and find out where you want to be ranking on the after launch.

So, you say I actually want to be on page 1 within the top 5 results all what Amazon Seller Consulting Services will help out. We may be on sale to be on page 1 the first results and this is all based on how competitive the niche is. If you are going to do a niche and it’s doing the whole market demand is five hundred thousand a month.

The top products are selling 80000. It’s very hard to become number one overnight or after a week or two. But, if it’s a less competitive one maybe the top sellers are doing 10000 hours a month. Then you want to have an aim of at least in the top 1 to 5 after you launch. So, idea is that you split your database.

You look at the top product say OK! I want to be around position 5 and you determine how many units a day that product selling and you have to match that we get slightly how to get that rank, there are some tools you can use out then I’ll leave these in the show notes. But you can use a whole bunch of tools by Amazon Product Listing Optimization that give forecast sales of products and once you’ve got that forecasted rank then you’ll make sure that people are buying that many units a day for at least seven days. So, go to your database you don’t send one big e-mail out to everyone you want to split it up over seven days.

So, if you have five people maybe a thousand or maybe just 250 in your database split up into seven groups and then every day you send out to that one seventh of a group with a promotion. So, you want to give some sort of great offer. Talk about the product. Something that’s different to make people want to buy. You don’t want to discount it too much.

I’d recommend what I came to know through Amazon FBA Expert that maximum discounts at 25 percent so, any more than that sometimes Amazon doesn’t take those sales and reviews and consideration you don’t miss out on those details. So, craft a really good e-mail that gets people excited.

A lot of benefit maybe involve a free video or a free book something additional they buy and give some discount as well to make it an incentive but not too much. Now, once you’ve done that, you send out your e-mail on these blocks over seven days.

The reason you want to do that over seven days is, Amazon if you just got a big spike for one day. Amazon thinks it’s a one off and doesn’t sort of put that into their algorithm in terms of where should be in terms of page rank want to see at least seven days of consistent sales because when the key things that Amazon users determine your ranking is sales velocity which means how many sales you get a day.

So, they do fewer in, lots of sales a day they’ll keep pushing up the ranking cause they like your product they’re making more money out of it. So, if you go to a physical store and as a product selling really well you know put that right at the front of the store where people walk past and keep more and more products of the same type there, if that’s what’s getting the sales. So, Amazon is similar it really looks at how many sales you’re going a day. That’s a key factor in terms of the ranking.
Now, at the start I talked about you also need that foundation built because there’s no point getting this great ranking then when other people see it they’re not converting they’re not buying. Because, what Amazon says is well we’ve got you on page 1 and third position and we’re driving all this traffic to you and you got a really low conversion rate.

We’re going to drop you down we’re going to send traffic to your listing. If people aren’t converting. So that’s what’s really important to have that foundation first with a great title great description. Amazing images before you launch. If you are not getting it then go to the Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

So, now that you’ve done your launch with Amazon Seller Consulting Services, you have the seven days of emails going out each day. Divide your block of say if it’s 700 e-mails then you do 100 day 1, 100 in day 2, 100 in day 3, one hundred and seven days the last one hundred and hopefully that’s enough to bump you up to the sales velocity where you want to get to. So once that’s done you then want to check your ranking for the key word.

So, if you’re on page to a seventh position how are you after the seven days to boost up the ranks and once you work that out you need to start the metrics. Now, I talk about this in a previous article the two metrics you can do to measure it is your sessions how many people are visiting it and then unit session percentage how many people are actually converting.

So, if you find out that your sessions before the launch haven’t changed much after it, you know you’re not going the traffic you have to do another launch or use PPC or some social media drive traffic to your listing that could also affect your Amazon Product Listing Optimization. But if you’re going to a big uptake in sessions with the guidance of Amazon FBA Expert you get a lot more people visit your site. So, it looks like your page rank is increase but you’re not converting maybe your unit session percentage earning at 10 percent so of every 100 people visit your site any 10 by you know you’re listening is not right you’re using the wrong words in your title and description, images aren’t connecting to the people.

So, then you need to tweak that because the benchmark is usually to a 25 percent level for unit session percentage so one hour for people when they visit your listing they buy, that is quite a high benchmark but that’s when you aim for anything between 15-25 is okay, anything below 15 you’ve got some issues and then use these metrics to measure on a weekly basis to work out. You need to drive more traffic or improve your listing.

So that’s the general way you launch an existing product on Amazon with Amazon Seller Consulting Services. The first step is to get your foundation right. Make sure it’s a great listing before you launch.

Make sure then the second step is get the reviews and get at least five reviews per product to make sure it’s legit and make sure these purchases are real, the real people who are buying it who actually support that is a great product. What happens if it’s not a great product, Amazon pretty much finds out soon you get bad reviews and you get off the listings so even if your product isn’t great don’t put on Amazon because you’re just wasting your time make sure you’ve got a really good product and you get at least five reviews before you launch.

Then, when you launch work out what your ranking is for your keywords you’re on page 4 page 5 and then note that, then do your launch to your existing databases through social media and this article talk about emailing them a split up over seven days to get that velocity. We equal or match the spot on Amazon you want to get to see you either equal first page position five is about 30 units a day so you need to get at least 30 sales a day per day for seven days to get to that ranking.

Then after the launch then you go and look your metrics. Are my articles staying high? Where am I on the page rank? Are my customers coming to my site converting or they going off the page? And then use these metrics to determine how you need to grow your business and manage it on a weekly basis with the Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

So, guys that’s a summary of how you launch launching existing business on Amazon and How to Sell on Amazon Australia with the Amazon Seller Consulting Services. I really hope it adds some value today. I love helping people succeed online as a way to help your business or your brand. Drop me a note. We’re here to help.

We got Amazon FBA Expert here and in the US we’re all about helping people succeed online. Hope you got a lot of the session today.

Love your work.

Take action each day and keep doing it.


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