Today’s session is all about going from nothing to something in Amazon. This episode is a framework of what needs to be done to having no idea what to sell to having your product launched within 12 weeks.

Please note: product selection and selecting your samples is the longest part.


In starting an Amazon business you need a product to sell, but how will you actually find your product and what type of product should you sell?

In finding a product you must start with your niche or a product you are most passionate about or know about.

It could be a hobby or a product that you most frequently buy or something you have a good knowledge on.

One of the easiest ways to start is try checking your credit card statement for recent purchases to find out what your interests are.

Week 1: Find at least 10-15 categories that you are interested in

Start looking at the categories on Amazon and pick out 10 – 15 categories you have an interest in. Once you find those, you need to start applying some criteria to each product to make sure it will be viable

Some of the criteria to start checking are:

  1. Sales Volume – in choosing a category there must be existing sales volume This could be from $ 5000 or more. Having a decent sales volume means that there is already enough demand under that niche or category.

There are a lot of 3rd party site that you could use in identifying this demand. What I recommend is  Jungle Scoutthis tool allows you to easily check a product’s sales, revenue and the number of reviews.

Some other criteria to check is:

  1. Size of the product
  2. Weight of the product
  3. Price of the product
  4. Number of Reviews

Week 2: Product Selection

After finding the categories and checking the elements mentioned above it is now time to find your product that has a lot of potential but does not have too much competition. This process can take up to one or two weeks.

In starting your Amazon business finding the right product contributes to 80% of your Amazon success. This is a crucial step, so take your time in finding a product that best fits the criteria.

Another tool that you may want to check once you have an ideal product is knowing its profitability using the Amazon FBA calculator.

Week 4: Testing Product Samples

It is very important to test your product before launching on Amazon. This will assure that your product is good quality and will reduce the chances of receiving low star reviews.

One of the easiest way to check your samples is by checking the 4 and 5 stars review see if your samples have those qualities.

If you feel that there is something wrong or the product does not have a right feel to it, you must speak to more suppliers to get a product that is of great quality.

You do not want to sell a low-quality product as it will get bad reviews and become stale

I suggest you contact at least 3 suppliers to make sure you get a range of samples to test the quality of.

Week 5: Negotiating with the Suppliers

I always recommend working with a supplier who has the best support and replying to emails, rather than the best price

It is easier to work with a responsive supplier so just in case you need an urgent order because your product is selling really well, it makes it much easier working with a responsive supplier.


Branded packaging can increase a customer’s confidence when making a purchase decision and. with the tough competition on Amazon having a brand on your packaging is mandatory these days

Having a brand also allows you to charge a premium on your products.

Week 6: Reviews

Start organizing people that can review your product once you launch.

Make sure you have at least 10-15 honest reviews from people that bought your product at full price.

Reviews must be an honest review and not paid for reviews at discounted prices

Week 7: Create a Listing

While your products are being manufactured and developed, you can start creating Amazon listing. One of the key things in doing this is to start with the key terms that are most commonly used or searched in Amazon.

Using the Amazon search bar, type in a keyword, from there suggested keywords or most popular search terms will be displayed. If you would have a few left to spend you may use 3rd party tool that can help you in finding the popular search terms.

You may try in merchant words (forecaster search volume for search terms) or keyword inspector.

You may also use Amazon’s campaign manager. It has a pay per click result and will show which keywords are most used and provides the highest conversions. Those words can be used and incorporate on your title or listing

Week 8: Product is available

By now your products are available for delivery for delivery from your supplier. Depending on its size you may use air freight or sea freight.

Week 9: Social Media and Website

While waiting for the product to arrive in Amazon’s warehouse,  start building your email list. Use your website and social media.

Run some competition, do some giveaways that can capture and build up an email lists. This list can be used when you launch your product.

LATE NOTE: Awesome Photo’s

Another important thing to consider along with your listing, is having a awesome product photo’s.

No matter how good your listing even if they appear at top search if it does not have a great imagery, chances are your listing may not have a good conversion rate.

Great imagery can attract a prospective customer to click on your product. You must get professional photos made. Get graphic designer that can help with their creativity in creating great life style photos

Week 11-12 Product Launch

By this time your products already arrived at the Amazon warehouse and are ready for launching.

In the first week, make sure you

  • • Organize customer reviews
  • • Keep an eye on PPC to find the best converting words
  • • Do a launch to your customer database (once you have around 10 reviews)
  • • Review the launch week to see what is working, are you getting traffic and what the sales conversions are



[02:43] What to sell

[03:58] Week 1: Find at least 10-15 categories of your interest it could be for a product or services.

[06:27] Week 2: Product Selection

[09:30] Week 4: Testing Product Samples

[12:05] Week 5: Negotiating with the Suppliers

[14:02] Product Packaging

[15:35] Reviews

[16:40] Week 7: Create a Listing

[18:45] Week 8: Product is available

[19:30] Week 9: Social Media and Website

[20:16] Awesome Photos

[21:55] Week 11-12 Product Launch

If you are an expanding business, want to launch or Amazon or just work with a trusted partner to sky rocket your Amazon sales, then please contact us to see how we can help


****** Full Podcast Transcription below *******

Episode 13

Here we talk all things, Amazon speaking with Amazon FBA Expert from around the world to help you grow and build your Amazon business considering Amazon Seller Consulting Services. Hey guys welcome to another article of Coach AMZ where we talk all things, Amazon here in Australia and internationally.

This week’s been a great week for myself with launching new products getting new ideas to How to Sell on Amazon Australia. It’s always exciting to the process and also the journey gone on for the last nine months. We really changed our strategy on Amazon for a better Amazon Product Listing Optimization and gone from having a wide range of SKU’s to a really focus narrow range but in a specific niche that really backs up what we teach here in terms of focusing on a niche and doing really well and it’s also partly stage of my life now being a dad within a few weeks ago three kids in, that it’s fantastic that my business where we’ve started kids range of educational toys.

It is really part of your life outside of work so it’s great being able to share samples and toys and products to the kids and get them to review it and play with them and really hear their insights rather than think of things in the past that were always profitable but not so much of the interest. That’s just a little side note that leads us into today’s article, about how long it takes to go from nothing from no idea to actually having a product on Amazon and launching it.

There is talk about that, today is I’ve had three phone calls this week with people asking about coaching helping businesses and also a general question that came up a few times, is how long it will actually take from our first conversation to having a product in Amazon. And I thought well if three people are asking these three-different questions about businesses in Amazon then there must be something there.

So today’s session is going to be all about going from nothing to manifesting something on Amazon, having a physical product for sale and I’m really into the weeds of each different process. Each week I will talk about what I discussed with the Amazon FBA Expert probably an hour or two conversations in each but this will give you the framework and expectations of what needs to occur and happen through the process of some from nothing and then three months later having a product on Amazon so as we kickoff today we are going through a week by week process for Amazon Product Listing Optimization of what you need to do.

So, the very first thing if Amazon is the right business for you or a business you want to start with then the very first thing is actually a term what you’re selling. So, I always look at instead of working out what approach what a great product is where a hungry market is. So, where is already demand that you can satisfy and to say well yes start think about a product so we get back to first of all start with a niche and a branding and start with something you are passionate about or a hobby.

Our Amazon FBA Expert know something about that and the easy way to term that is to check your credit card statement look at what you do on weekends or what you do at night when your free time and that will start giving some hints about what your interests are. So, if you think about that in terms of what do you read what you browse, what are things that interest that you know? Like a list of different products and categories that could be a good starting point.

You think about what’s practical, you may think that a year you love the butterfly thing but there may not be a nation but you will be surprised because I overlooked that once there was a small niche we found in these suits and we didn’t go into it years ago but it was all surprised by how many tens of thousands of dollars are spent each month on these suits so even if your hobby or interest seem to be obscure.

There’s often the potential that there’s a market on Amazon the very first thing to do in week 1 is test it back and say okay what if I decide to build a business where I have interest or a hobby and I’m really passionate about what are those categories? In my company 10 or 15 even areas it might strike enough, it might not be practical , it may be a service but some of it may be relevant for the products.

So that’s what you do in week one client list about 10 to 15 different areas where you think you’ve got a potential sort product in. What to do then? It’s easy to go with Amazon Seller Consulting Services and make sure there’s a market for that product and we have approached you about five or six elements that you need to weigh up. The first thing is the sales volume.

There has to be enough demand for that product to start building a real business and reach a successful Amazon Product Listing Optimization so if you go on then you say, further sales and product that it does about two thousand dollars a month US or even 3000 Aussie that’s just not enough to start building a real business unless there’s a lot of complementary products around that so, instead you will be guided true with Amazon Seller Consulting Services and help increase the sale.

So, we would say the sweet spot is anywhere between depending your level of skill because the higher you go the higher it is so if you put up on a niche with any 5000 U.S. a month in sales. It’s much easier to crack, that want to be at the top if you’re looking at something that’s doing quarter million dollars a month in terms of sales of that niche then it’s much harder to get at the top. There’s this sweet spot depending in your skills, your capability maybe anywhere between 10 and 30 or 40 thousand dollars a month in revenue for sales for that niche line of products.

So, that’s what the first thing I want you to do as is proved to be the best way by Amazon FBA Expert is going to look at and wait to get some software. I normally use jungle scout but there’s a few other products out there. I actually find out what’s the demand for these products. We look at sale. If you look at customer reviews you don’t get something that’s got so many reviews it’s really hard to compete with cause. If someone’s a customer they’re going on Amazon. Reviews are really strong to determinant of who they buy with. Obviously, if you go on there and the top guys have got 2 3 4 5 thousand reviews. Well that’s going to be really hard to compete against.

So, I think if you look at reviews you look at the competition how many guys are in there dominating and is it a nice spread of mix of maybe a top guys at 30 or 40 percent of market share the next guy’s got 15 seconds or 15 and it’s at 10 or is it really skewed where one person’s got 80 90 percent and the results are much lower. So, be aware of that as well in terms of the competition.

In order to get that in your hands with simple tricks and tips go with Amazon Seller Consulting Services. Then you look at other things the size of the product the way to the product and there’s a few other minor elements as well but what I’m getting at is that the second week you really want to go through with Amazon Listing Optimization Service and start taking those areas in the first week and start diving down and looking at the product.

When you do that, get a software that automates it, seemed as you say I want to look at it, does this amount of sales with this amount of reviews and this is the average star rating but I was recommending that at the start if you knew to get your hands dirty actually, go to Amazon and just trawl through the page after page after page, run in these criterion to find products and it could be anywhere from a half a day to a week because from my experience of finding a real goal. No but, I was impressed with potential without much competition it can take up to a week going through and just going through them all to find something is a really good fit because you’ll understand there’s a lot of people out there doing this and they’re using similar principles recommended by Amazon FBA Expert so to find a top product.

Then you’ve got to put in the hard yards at the start and I go back to businesses and students that 80 percent of your success at Amazon with the Amazon Seller Consulting Services is getting the right product. So, that’s why there’s a lot of upfront work going through picking the right product knowing the criteria and displaying the hard yards to start searching for it.

It’s quite interesting speaking to a chapter in the week saying the big sales on Amazon like yourself and I’m not saying that any bragging way but when would people sell on Amazon has some success saying sure they’re no different from any sort of criteria. And I said it’s 100 percent right. The criteria change as you get more experience you need a good criteria to determine what a product you’re going to go after and does it fit that. Well, I started out I was just lucky I had a product that was from an e-commerce site recommended to me by Amazon Seller Consulting Services and product it sells well on Amazon.

I’ve gone through probably 30 or 40 different price my time until I really came up with the criteria to How to Sell on Amazon Australia in the last 18 months so it was repeatable and you could put in place and even set up once you get your teams you want the staff to say ,” look just this is a criterion”. Just spend two or three days this a week going through it and once you find it sit down and have a look at it and see if it’s worthwhile.

So, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get that right product from the start. So, week 2 can take anywhere from a day up to five full time to find the right product so that’s when the biggest chunk of work is actually product selection. So, if you’re in full time work or you don’t have time this may take two or three weeks just in the research to find the right product so don’t underestimate that part but it’s really crucial. If still you are finding difficulty in then there is a best option Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

And one of the great things during that period is you can use the Amazon FBA calculator that work out your profit margin and that’s what your other criteria you use. So, it’s bunch of these criteria and the great things at the end of it you know that you’ll have a pretty good idea about, what your expected sales will be, when she launches on to the right launch strategy.

What profit margins are and how many units you need to order? So, it’s really week 2 that can extend out. After that you are happy with your searching with Amazon Seller Consulting Services you think you found a great product then you need to and start getting some samples.

The reason the samples are so important is if you get a product into the open as this has happened to me because I wasn’t well informed in that niche and I’m going to look great. I sent them on Amazon. They did launch earlier so I was initially. But after about two months there was no buying and it wasn’t up to the quality they need to be. Got into about three and a half stars.

So, when you or your samples that show is really important to have that interest or you know about the product will actually say yes this is a top quality product there’s only four and a half or five star reviews. Because, if you don’t get about four stars you’re three and a half three point eight anywhere below four people aren’t going to buy your product at the at the South following that they do that for ourselves and I find that if the product is not a good quality Amazon is one of places where people are open and transparent like Amazon Seller Consulting Services they give feedback and after about three months your product will just go down the ranking becomes style you won’t be moving.

So, when you order your samples it’s really important to go through it. Check what’s good about it check what’s bad about it and when the old truth said that a lot of people use is you go through the top. So, at the moment look his reviews or the five star reviews as your sample have those does it have all the great qualities you look at steak knives doesn’t have that to sort of firm group doesn’t feel cheap or not too heavy you here through all the five star rankings all these great things that people love. Make sure your product has that. But, if you are availing Amazon Seller Consulting Services, no worries!

Then you go through all the one to three-star reviews and all the bad things that people don’t like maybe that if you do steak knife the blade gets blind or it chips easily. All these things that people hate or dislike you go through and make sure it doesn’t have those. So, what you’re doing is building quality right from the start from your sample knows remained to go to at least three different suppliers to get samples from and sometimes the samples on a scratch, don’t proceed with any if the gut feel isn’t right. Instead it’s good to go with Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

There’s no point putting out a product that is not top notch and doesn’t see your name on. So you get the three samples and then no good luck then recommend you go to more suppliers or you say they look this product is not a good fit. Can’t find the right supplies? See what Amazon FBA Expert says…Let’s try another product. So that’s what you want to do with getting your samples in.

So, once you have your samples you can take up to about two weeks to get them air freighted out and you normally get charged with the air freight the product for free but you will charge 30 40 50 bucks to get the product to you. So, once you got that assuming that one was awesome is going to be great quality. And you’re really happy with it.

You start your negotiations with the supplier in this program and week four or five and there’s a few tools and tricks and use an occasion supplied. As the initial price they gave you is never the best one and I won’t go into this strategy you’ve negotiated with but just make sure that you take a supply out that’s not issue the cheapest but it is the more responsive to e-mails and the best quality I find there’s no point trying to fight trying to save 5-10 percent within a supplier if they’re tardy to reply to you right from the start.

We’re not only on Alibaba and look for companies or sourcing agent which I highly recommend because any of the products in Alibaba when the downside is that everyone else can find it easy for you to sourcing agent factories that are on there. But my point is don’t always go down on the price go on the responsiveness of the supplier, because once your sales start increasing in bigger orders or maybe things are wrong the future if the supplier is really responsive it’s much easier to deal with them going forward if you need an urgent order to say I was going game busters in urgent order and no 3000 units. If they are really responsive then it makes it so much easier to do someone from a staff who’s tardy than even a week take. Back to you.

You are doing a lot of sales to make it really hard for a better Amazon Product Listing Optimization and often we’ll find if they don’t respond to me initially within one day then I don’t want to be dealing with them because I find that people’s experiences from the start reflect their personality in a way they do business. And if you do use Alibaba there’s a few different checkboxes and criteria I recommend or response times and quality assurance about who to work with but we’ll save that for a different article.

So, once you are negotiating with a supplier there’s a few other things you want to talk to them about. All the basic like customer inserts make all that stuff great. A few other things but the key word only stresses is your packaging. Rest is what Amazon Seller Consulting Services offers on its scale.

You want to have branded packaging so when your product arrives and is on the rise in the customer’s hands it gets leave it. The packaging looks that professional that amazing it looks like something you get from a top department store or kids store. It is the best part of Amazon Seller Consulting Services. So, if you sell your product on a shelf at any kids shop any department store you’re looking at wow that’s a top-quality product. I’ve got confidence in it.

You don’t want to send it in a cheap poly bag with your barcode on it arrives at Amazon to go you see it. Also Amazon FBA Expert would not let you. You really want to send it from your competition to charge a premium. You really need to build that brand and packaging is so crucial to get that right from the start you really want to build this business as real business. You don’t want to get to approach it saying I’m going to find a new product and Amazon put in a poly bag like plastic bag.

Send out all my money really the skew that up from 2013 and before you could do that with anything you will be making money. Now there’s much more competition on Amazon and you won’t be going after a niche that demands a quality and what are the key attributes that make sure you have great packaging.

So, the first experience I get with the amazing Amazon Seller Consulting Services is open up and say wow look this product amazing coloring branding looks fantastic. They open up there’s a great insert about here to help you please list any issues that go with that product and its fantastic quality and that’s what leads to a five-star review.

I know, I hop on it but you get about four stars to make sure your conversion stay up there, So in week 6 You’re doing your packaging, you also start organizing people and update your reviews when you launch. And I know that earlier on just to make sure that when you launch it you do have reviews for your products. You go out there on Amazon you don’t have any reviews. It’s not often that people buy your product unless you’ve hit a real gold mine.

So, depending on where you based. Well there’s ways around it. You will realize how Amazon Seller Consulting Services are going to help you out. You’ve got to make sure that they’re honest reviews and that people are paying full price for them because Amazon doesn’t like descanted reviews been given they outlawed it about 18 months ago. But even if you’re given a white sheet and they give you review of no referral. Sometimes Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t like that and there’s rumors going around that they’re going to stop any reviews on discounted products. So that’s the way six phrase also make sure you at least 10 to 15 people the background.

You can buy your product at full price and there are honest reviews where you don’t want giving garbage reviews because Amazon catches onto that when the reviews are so great and then to buy and giving them one or two-star reviews. So that’s week six and week seven your person in China whereas in manufactured been developed you now start doing your listing with Amazon Listing Optimization Service and I did a whole article about doing your product list. But really the key thing is when doing your business start is making sure you get on the right terms that people search for. Bring you focus to what Amazon FBA Expert tells us to. And there is the deal!

And the easiest way to do that is to use a search bar in Amazon that actually defaults to the most popular search terms and sentiment is that people use in the US you sell a marketplace in the UK all over my place. What are the other terms that people use for searching. Sometimes it just prompts a superb in different parts. Sometimes there’s petrol versus gas so think about who you target for usually your target customer is also searched term they will use if you don’t pay for any services just go to Amazon and search bar and type in the key phrases and from top to bottom in order they’re the most commonly search ones.

But, if you have few extra dollars there’s tools like merchant words which is really cool. That actually gives you the forecasted search going for search terms which is really powerful a start in terms of working on your listing and in the past, I also use keywords inspector. It is good but sometimes it can give some finds a misleading one. It’s a great product but I stopped using that one at the moment and just using Amazon and merchant words.

But that’s only really needed for your initial launch. When you do your listings with Amazon Seller Consulting Services. You don’t need to spend too much time on that because what we’re really determine your key words in your title is your pay-per-click Amazon’s campaign manager and you do that when it launches.

But what you do is you set up some ads and you’ll notice whatever ads have the best conversion at the cheapest rate. Though the words that you put back into your title after launch and you change it so we launch you need some good. You need luck you need a good listing and a good product description but it’s not key until you’ve actually launch, you can use the campaign manager to find out what the key terms are and then you update the listing.

So, in week7 you are doing that listing the ppc in the background so I mean tasks to get ready because by week 8 the product should be ready in China. So, if we ask the factories to change a product that’s not the same as competition. So, you’re at a point of difference. It also means that people can’t hijack it missing it easily because they can’t go and copy as much.

So, while on week 8 your product ready now with a factory in China and depending on the size. Normally for your first order it is starting airfreight because it is much cheaper. Had a few more runs on the board you may your sea freight when you got a large order but know where to start in U.S. air freight is more expensive but it gets you bit much quicker. You can test for the feedbacks like so week 8 a product ready.

It’s free to be there in about 2 weeks to two weeks’ time. So, come along till week 9. We want to run Week 9 is make sure that your social media email list is being pumped out so these are mandatory cause there’s ways around it such as promo giveaways to boost your launch the star but Amazon is definitely pushing away from those launch services and really looking at people who have products where people are paying full price.

So, on week 9 we normally social media going run some competitions to work email list. So, when you launch your initial product sales force coming in at full price sales from your email list is something you go on in the background and one of things that wasn’t has before this is your imagery of photography and that’s probably one of the most important steps you can do with your hands on this. We find that as long as you’re on the front page and in the top four or five listings it’s the imagery that will get people click on it and as a customer reviews it will get people to buy. So, there is a price consideration.

But people were taken by the image on the front page. So, it was really important. You must, must, must, get professional photography in your photos unless you’ve got somebody with experience or just go with Amazon Seller Consulting Services don’t do it yourself. And at a minimum you then need a graphic designer to make the photos or sound so there’s always rules we don’t change about the first photo, just needs to be the product on the white background. The other nine photos or six figures and the first seven appear.

You’ve got that creativity we can get a graphic designer to go to town in terms of building that emotional connection and what you really want do is get your target customer when they’re looking to envision how that is how they’ll be in terms of the benefits they get from using the product. And I did a whole podcast about imagery.

What you need to do but basically you want the product itself product being used and the lifestyle benefits you get from it so you’re going have to go to some Shutter stock or buy some stock photos and go to a graphic designer but that’s one of the key things here conversions up by Amazon FBA Expert and when we did all our imagery we got a massive, massive boost in sales and especially conversions.

So, I’ll skip that other one let’s talk about the other key points. So now you’re up to 11 and 12. So you arrive at Amazon. You can easily set up your listing with Amazon Listing Optimization Service. So approximately release day. You do your launch so the launch matters are you either get in early shoot or social media bleeds or you do a promotion give away and you launch a product around that week 11 week 12 and what you’re going to do is launch in the first week and just see what sticks.

So, stay in sales guys see what conversions are and that first week is just to see what happens. Well you may launch it and you’ll be overwhelmed by how many sales you get or you may launch not to the right way not getting sales in Norway someone launches and they’re not in sales is because they haven’t done any promotional activity or without Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

If they just relied on PPC then they scrape by but you really make a splash at Amazon you have to do a launch and it’s all through the social media. The email is give away or a promotional do so you need to do some sort of launch plus at a minimum you pay per click. So, what are you up to you in week 11-week 12 launch products. So, you’ve gone from nothing to something in a 12-week process and that’s a very fast holiday for you. Thanks to Amazon FBA Expert.

How you get there after your first week on Amazon you need to actually take an audit of how your products are doing so you need to go into your reporting and start looking at the two metrics that are most important decisions and units in the seats. So first of all, a phony product is it has been indexed and has anyone gone to work in there because one of the reasons you got no sales is because no one’s actually found your product. But you won’t miss the chance with Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

Have the final product they need to go check make sure it’s indexed properly for the right words and if not any organic traffic then that’s why you need to do your paperclip and have to keep adding more and more dollars to go on that front page. That is the awesome trick what Amazon FBA Expert recommends. Or you do your e-mail list and your chromic boy to get those eyeballs going through here is the first thing have your decisions if you’re sessions and there’s still no self-watching version so you really want to aim at a minimum of 15 percent for conversions. Done really well it’s above 25 percent.

So that’s what you want to get at. So really all the traffic coming through tick boxes for the traffic come through. Are they converting. And then after the first week that’s when you start doing you can order it and you start going back okay let’s look at our PPC let’s get through there and see what all the he hasn’t put in. What are people being added in this way? What are people clicking on? What are the best converting ones that you go back redid your whole ad again?

Make sure your customer reviews coming in and do it up to the second week. After the second week, the sessions going up are actually being found. Make sure your conversions are going up and that’s basically a very high level going from zero to those product on Amazon in three months. Now, when you launch what my expectations of working business is, it is a brand product.

Your first launch aim is just to break even is to get your product out there, get awesome reviews, get your conversions up product moving you spend you marking your launch for your first order is just break even something for you second order then that’s when the money starts coming in any and start enjoying the fruits of your product and ramping that up.

And then there’s a whole bunch of steps of what you do next. How do you get a product having sales? How do you start forecasting orders when you start thinking about bringing new products? But what I wrote today is just at a high level. How do you go from nothing to something in 12 weeks with the help of Amazon FBA Expert and yes, it’s very achievable.

We had many students and businesses and we haven’t said which products get rid off at six weeks from getting on Amazon and because there is no guarantee of success on Amazon. There is a lot of hype around it because we have these amazing figures and an amazing platform with Amazon Seller Consulting Services that only works if you do the hard yards and you have really good execution. It’s all about execution with great quality images, great quality product, great listing, great launch great Amazon Product Listing Optimization great Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

So, I hope you’ll all value today. I really want to go a bit longer in these articles to sort of explain what you need to know since situations on How to Sell on Amazon Australia and I’d love to hear your feedback. If you enjoy your notes on my email I’d love to hear from you guys about what you think.

You can really help me out onto tunes and leave an honest review if you love it. That would be fantastic because I do see you guys. I love seeing people succeed on Amazon and have wonderful Amazon Product Listing Optimization. If you want to work with us, fantastic. To have another company, find by us.

We just want to see people succeed and I really believe in investing in education because there is some money upfront but it gives you so much fast success and it saves you so much time and money. So, we love working with businesses individuals.

There’s many great companies out there. Just make sure you’re self-educated. Get to a great start with Amazon Seller Consulting Services and you do really well. Thank you for your precious time today guys and speak to you next week with more on How to Sell on Amazon Australia.

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