This week’s topic outlines what happens when you don’t do a product launch on Amazon.

This week, I listed three new products on Amazon, that have awesome packaging and I believe a very high quality product. This week I wanted to test

“What will happen if a product does not have a launch?”

• No social media or advertisements
• No external email traffic
• No giveaway’s

The summary is

1. One product is doing 3 – 5 sales per day
2. Two products are doing virtually no sales

Does this surprise me?

Not at all as the old days on listing on Amazon, is getting sales without a launch in the past.

Now on Amazon, you need an awesome product, plus a great way to launch and Amazon product listing optimization to get your sales velocity up to get on page 1 of Amazon

So what’s the summary of how to launch that we discuss today?

1. Makes sure you do a launch (i.e. through your email list, social media ads or discounted giveaways)
2. Plan your launch early so you are not caught out
3. Execute well with a checklist per day what you need to do
4. Make sure listing is optimized and converts well
5. Once sales are consistent re-order as quickly as possible to ensure smooth stock flow


[00:28] No Launch

[08:16] Does this surprise me?

[09:42] So what’s the summary of how to launch that we discuss today?

If you are an expanding business, want to launch or Amazon or just work with a trusted partner but wonder how to sell on Amazon Australia and around the world, then please contact us to see how we can help.

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Episode 14

Because in the past when you product is right, you always do your launch you know how much you want to sort of launch with in terms of quantity you add up the top and you have a pretty good feel in terms of how it’s going to go you know that if you do launch well you should be up to close to page 1. If it’s a competitive niche maybe at the bottom of page 1, if smaller niche you should be up near the top.

If you do a proper launch of that five to seven-day sequence. So, in this case I thought what actually happened if I just put this on Amazon put some auto ads on and some ones but very low rate. And what would happen with them was on how to index? Where would it come up and just get maybe three or four people to buy it.

So, there’s some reviews on there make sure they do like a general review take the photos and videos just to show there is some reviews there. Because if your products have no reviews it’s very hard to get anyone to buy but at least there’s a few. So, if you are eagerly looking for tips on how to sell on Amazon Australia, put some focus on reviews.

It’s not as many as you need, but I thought Okay what if there’s these three or four reviews? No external traffic launch what actually happened to the product on Amazon what can my expectations be? It was really interesting because the three products are very similar and they’re slightly different depending on the person’s needs.

So, I put the three up there and one of the products has a much larger sales volume and the other two are quite similar. So, I thought okay, this will be an interesting test. So, put them up there and two of the three products getting maybe one sale a day. And the higher ones probably getting 3 sales a day which really is next to nothing if you’re only doing three sales a day that would be 20 sales a week.

You may be doing four-five hundred bucks which is something we may say is not bad but that’s only 20 grand a year, which is next to nothing. So, I did that for the week to actually see what would happen I was really I was really surprised that, no sorry I will not say that I was surprised, I was intrigued that one of the products did more sales and I thought because even if it was in a smaller niche, I was surprised of that, and the one that I thought would sell more was doing one in a day.

So, with these ones, once you actually do a proper launch you actually beginning the sell between probably 20 and 35 units a day so just to show you how far off it is at the moment and part of that is because there is no launch so if you actually get through and search for these now they are only appearing on maybe page two.

So, it really shows you a few things the first thing is if you put a product on Amazon without a launch it will be extremely hard to get sales or learn how to sell on Amazon Australia unless you find some sort of goldmine or a big competitor out of stock or you’re spending a huge amount of PPC just to get down there. The second one was, I was really surprised by the sales actually the bludger sales of product doesn’t mean larger sales for use.

If you find a product is doing 30000 a month doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell more than, if you did 15000 a month because the competition is higher. So that was the intriguing bit the one that was selling three hours a day actually has lower competition. So maybe that’s why it’s up there.

So, it really reinforces that if you don’t do a launch you’re not going to get sales on Amazon or if you do it could take somewhere much or maybe three or six months rather than those results in that sort of one to two weeks. So where does that leave these products? Now the exciting bit is, now how to do the launch so that whatever you do including Amazon product listing optimization would worth you great results in terms of sales.

In social media launch we’ve got a database of people reaching out to you to say look awesome product come buy it from us there is a discount forum and we do a few giveaways. Not many because the giveaway models are more from a few years back so depending on your skills. If you don’t have a social media skill you don’t have someone you can outsource it to.

Then, you need to depend on the email list. You get to the email list, then you may have to depend on the person on the giveaway but I know Amazon is really moving away from that giveaway model, because you can’t get reviews from it anymore. This is when you can get help from Amazon seller consulting services and can avoid getting trapped into plenty of options.

Well, there’s also rumors going around that they’re not going to include discounted products in their sales velocity algorithms. So, the process of a year ago where you do a big blast give away lots of product you rank at the top on Amazon. There’s whispers going around that they’re stopping that.

So, it really comes back to the importance of building your either doing some Facebook advertising or give away even Instagram or having the email list that you can go out to. Well that’s what really gives an initial lift to Amazon and it reinforces that Amazon loves to reward products are selling sets like go into a shop.

If you really have a top selling product you going to put in the most premium spot at the front. Everyone sees it and if you keep selling and put it there you’re not going to be the best real estate to products that aren’t selling and it’s a way Amazon works a lot. If you’re in that velocity, the initial launch people start buying it straight away and Amazon saying well this is a really good product let’s put up the top.

So, it does put up the top but once it’s at the top it checks does it convert? So, in that session percentage which is your conversion rates Amazon check that as well. You don’t want to put your product at the top. It is not converting. That’s what’s really important that even if you do a launch it has to be optimized well. There’s no point driving traffic to a product people buying it, if the conversions are down and we’ve talked about that before about the fundamentals you need to have that right Amazon product listing optimization.

So, when you look at that it really shows in Amazon’s a great model but you do need to have a process in place even when it comes to launching and that’s why you need that right way of launching. And one thing that people don’t forget is that with business it takes money to invest.

If you buy any business, working in a business unless you own a service business where you may get money straight away, but has limited scale normally a bricks and mortar or a tangible product like when you sell an Amazon. You do need to invest in that first order. So, this first order placed is purely to get the product on Amazon. Make sure the listings awesome the reviews are great get launched and it’s just either these first or does is break even.

So, my goal was to get these 1500 units out and a break even. But having the listing awesome reviews great and now I’m in a position to reorder and go really hard. So, the first fifteen hundred they come in do promotions social media. You’re a really good product, that’s solid and then you have to be pretty quick, because 1500 units is not a lot and you can sell out quickly if you’re selling right and it does take long.

If you are on the boat from the factory you can take anywhere from three to six weeks to get back there. You have to sort of forecast, that early reordering so the no launch was sort of confirm my view that if you just put a product on Amazon, with those of external traffic coming into it then it doesn’t move you will get some sales I mean three a day be not going to get those sales we want to end 20 30 40 sales a day on some of your products.

So we recommend make sure you do launch, plan it early execute well on it and then once your sales pick up to your estimate of volumes and once you’ve done your launch make sure the conversion going well is not losing customers. That’s all you majorly need to do for which you may even go for Amazon seller consulting services. And then once you’ve got some consistent sales if its 20 30 40 50 60 100 a day.

Once you get a consistent trend then reorder as quickly as possible and that’s when you do your big order of many thousands if it’s doing well. Maybe smaller depending on your market but once you do you will have much big order knowing that you now know your sales velocity and its working. And then what happens if your stocks if your product rising run out of stock?

Well we get through another article but just quickly few from my experience if you restock within about 10 days then Amazon sort of keep the algorithm up the top but any longer than about two weeks it really puts you down the bottom and that’s just from my experience when I run out of stock in the past So, guys I hope you got some value out of this session.

I just want to re-emphasize importance of having a really successful launch. When you sell on Amazon it’s just not a matter of having your awesome product and putting on selling it. But there’s all these other tasks that you need to do and if you like this one let me know because I go into a detailed article about the aspects of the launch the social media the email marketing giveaways and all the ways you can get the product really going well and Amazon.

So guys have a great day if you’re a business and you’re selling on Amazon at the moment. Were you get a new brand about to launch. We’d love to help you guys. Our goal with business is to give you a 50 percent increase within six months. At the moment we work with a number of brands in the US and getting great results. So, we’re extremely confident we can achieve that success. Businesses doing one to two million year and Amazon is a perfect line.

So that’s for you guys love your help, if your individual sending it out on Amazon. Drop me a line I’d love to help. I’m working with a few big guys at the moment and I just want to make as many people and business succeed on Amazon. It’s a great way to have a lifestyle and a business that’s really rewarding and providing great products for people to enjoy and have.

Have a great day guys. Peace out.

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