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Awesome news for Amazon Australia sellers

Amazon Australia recently emailed me regarding FBA or fulfillment by Amazon is now launched
For a recap, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service being offered by Amazon where your products are stored in Amazon’s warehouse, and they send the product to the customer, look after the most of customer service questions and then very 2 weeks they send you a nice payment to your Bank Account.

It’s a real game changer and now will see a huge shift in Amazon’s growth here in Oz.


It once happened to me a product that I was selling on Amazon was a great seller, that I had been selling for over 7 years then one day I receive an email from Amazon that I had a patent infringement!!!

A patented product means the design has been protected by submitting a patent and protects the inventors from people copying it. It makes sense and an important part of Commerce that people and organizations designs are protected (and for me, I didn’t even realize it was patented as had been selling it for over 7 years Now I have a process in place that checks patents before even getting samples sent)

Amazon is very diligent and strict with patent infringements.

Once someone says that you have infringed a patent, you have to prove that you haven’t (i.e. presumed guilty).


There are two ways to check a products patent:
1. Visit the US Patent site
2. Go to Google, type in the brand name or product name and patent
When you do your Patent search, if you find a similar product, then you definitely want to engage a patent attorney.

This attorney may cost you a couple of hundred bucks but will be well worth it.

In my scenario, I didn’t proceed with a $9,000 order as the patent attorney said the patent would apply and I would be open to enfringing upon it if I stocked the product (hence $200 saved me $9,000…. :))


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[03:39] Power of Patents

[05:16] How to Investigate a Patent?

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Episode 15

Before you go off today some exciting news about Australia presented to you by Amazon FBA experts. They started trying fulfillment by Amazon and was on site. It’s about saving some dollars. Is this first I received an email last night saying it started and free storing until August.

Now this is really big news because until Amazon has FBA Australia, just to make sure that we both understand that FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. Where you store your products in their warehouse and Amazon will send it out to the customer service and was a great experience until it actually happened and I was going to take off because they’re more like an eBay service where people fulfill it from their house.

It’s not as fast and as reliable customer service in there. So once FBA started Amazon Australia will really start to kickoff I actually thought from then on it would be till later this year. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that notice that fulfillment by Amazon is starring now.

For those with an Amazon Australia account I suggest getting online now, do it because you have about four months’ worth four or five months’ worth of free storage to test it. So in this great model and also for large businesses you have a fulfillment at your warehouse at the moment and you want to test Amazon as an option to store it for you to do a cost benefit analysis as a part of experiment of how to sell on Amazon Australia, you may find it greatly cheaper to use Amazon to store you products you don’t need the actual physical space you don’t need a staff all the logistics can have been having your in warehouse.

So very exciting to hear I think ones that it kicks off. And also, once Amazon Australia starts extending their category, at the moment it is still quite limited you’re going to see a really big difference on Amazon taking of, so far in Australia the feedback on Amazon has been not disappointing but fairly quiet. And that was uncommon when they launch FBA and I guess the public wasn’t really privy to have our own water over the horizon.

They like to fell fast which means waiting one year isn’t perfect that they launch it in two months. They have three or four months so kudos to Amazon. So, you guys focus of this is on Amazon US and sometimes in UK and in Canada now that there’s Australia that will be a game changer so I presume before Christmas sales in Amazon Australia will be very different.

Thereby, if you have been trying to learn how to sell on Amazon Australia, don’t miss out on FBA. That’s it, for you guys out there I always recommend to start in the US. The size of the market is so much bigger compared to Australia. Even my sales in the UK and Canada compared to the USA time maybe 10 percent of the sales.
So, if you are still not doing it jump on the US see all the golden opportunity. There is more competition coming this can be a good thing. That means you have to have better quality work product that keeps away to get rich overnight guys. So still a lot of folks ahead but the screen space is really different by the end of the year. Now that was a little segway in this article.

So, in this article, you will come across how a couple hundred dollars can save you nine thousand. That may sound a bit of a stretch but that happens to me last week. What’s going through my product ordered. So, what that means is that for any time I launch a product when you start working with suppliers this is the same when you found an awesome product you had a review that you know it can be a winner before you started with the supply, you have to check the patent.

The reason I say that is if you have a product that’s you got out from China or another country, brings it to the U.S., Australians are patent on it then you pretty much fighting because patent means that this is my design I put time and money so I have to design it. Some problems that being you, which is fair enough up because if someone’s going through having a patent something then they need to protect their intellectual property their hard work and the way you do this is through patent.

So I actually had this experience in the image for late last year where I live for about seven or eight years of selling quite well and I did receive an email saying I had a patent infringement. This is before I have my process of putting in a couple of years ago about checking for patents and even I did look before I couldn’t find it.

But I’ve gone through that process had a product risk because of that. It was actually on my side, no intention and couple of thousands of stocks still sitting side that needs to be liquidated. So how does a $100 save you 9000. Well, before you bring in a new product you may do that patent search and there’s two ways to do that, you may go to the US patent office site then go and search for key terms.

What that does is bring up all the different products that are related to that search term, you do have to think of different term to search for a product that have subscribe. Because someone might put it under a different description for example you have steak knife someone might call it a salmon knife.

Some difference that’s why it won’t come up, but that was your first port of call. If you want to get to the US Patent Office and the search function and search for the product and when you do it has description pretty much an image and if it looks similar then we need to investigate that. That’s a first step that Amazon FBA experts suggest. The other thing now is actually going on to Google they have an amazing database and actually taking the brand name of the product and just type in to google the brand and the product name patent and the U.S. Patent Office search.

Last week at that point we were looking at launching. Nothing came up as we were happy. But then I thought this this thing looks too good to be true. There was only one variation product and no one was selling it and was doing forty-five thousand dollars a month and that’s after Christmas so during Christmas it is in the first six figure month product not to, Wow! why are there more people on there as I was looking through it out and I think this looks to be true. Normally there’s probably other people on their launching their own private label version of us.

So, what I did actually, I went on to Google and found its brand names for any product and a couple of patents came up and with Google search you can actually find the reference of the patent so I brought it up looked at it and it was a little bit similar. So up the U.S. Patent Office content Google called okay this is a bit of an amber light not ready yet, because if I’m going to order a $10000 of these for it to launch it.

I believe and very confident that there’s no patent on there. I was a bit uncertain so I reach out to a patent attorney in the US and this is where I spent the $100 we did some research on this and just clarify what you think it is he went through and looked at a couple of patents. First one pass fine but he said the second one is there are two type of things there is a design and a utility patent. Yes he said to me one of these was extremely similar to a patent.

I got through the day I was as extreme as someone me. He said if you go ahead and buy this one, the other brand doesn’t have the patent. If he wants to say you infringe on the patent they are very likely to win. So, the way things are works is once someone sitting fringe on a patent you have to prove that you don’t. So, they take place because it has a patent very hard to prove otherwise.

So when you tell me one I went wow that’s how I am now because I was in the process of already found product and like a retrospective double check already about eight nine 10000 units to launch this one and that 200 dollars really say you get half of your product which really simply have launch successful for the first few months the ones are still out see the sales dropping off significantly they’re doing that fully 50K a month then after three months they lost half of sales questions and most likely heavier product your product will probably come up underneath it.

So, what’s the moral of this patent search for the now actually yet another process where you do a Google search page and a bit more generic brand and a products name and then anything similar comes up its definitely worth an investment or a couple hundred dollars to get a professional or Amazon FBA expert through it you know exactly where you are when you do launch a product it is not just putting on to Amazon or making a listing and you go.

Here is what you have to do if your photo is done. Great designer great packaging. You really want that quality product that you walk into a shop and to shop you go wow that’s a great product and all that takes effort and time. So we do all that work and it adds up.

So in addition to going through your product listing all the time and effort on things that also cost and in addition to that part of the strategy that will you build your first product offering complementary products so that’s going to be one product and one niche than we look for another niche, if its stainless steel steak knives and that’s where you start to have a range of products you need all your digital assets in social media.

Maybe a marketing you do your logo branding your packaging. Then you have to reuse all that it has to cost you the first time we keep relaunching products the cost is much much lower. When you relaunch, you got all the assets customer reviews you have all this people lined up so you get a that up and then you get product rejected then all of a sudden that whole brand and the whole niche of complimented product that you build up you know out of the 6, 12 to 24 months are of in jeopardy.

So, guys the moral of the story is follow your dreams into finding the product you love but definitely take the tome to do a patent search. You have to get through the U.S. papers. And second one is a generic google search if you want to see anything that looks a bit similar then definitely reach out and get hold of a patent attorney and let them do an investigation.

The small cost of a couple hundred dollars means you save yourself thousands of dollars and also really safeguard the longevity of the business and make sure that first time you launch even if it is not a homerun to a good site because you ran around. So that’s why it’s really important guys to do your homework do the due diligence and make sure you set it right.

Look my name’s Peter. I really hope this article, hope you guys find out tools strategies to succeed on Amazon. If you find this useful you can get and add some value to it. I would really appreciate it. Go over to iTunes give it a positive review because that makes a big difference.

And guys if you’re out of your business you want to go on Amazon maybe make is splash if you’re someone who really needs some help on how to start on Amazon what’s the process, what’s the criteria before you’ve got to start it.
I’d love to hear you guys reach out to me there’s a link below to get to a call and I’m all about helping people and businesses succeed.

Do remember guys take action. Have fun. Do what you love!

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