Today, my business partner and I reviewed two products that we recently launch on Amazon.

The key outcome is the product that is differentiated and looks different to the competitions products is doing really well, but the other one is almost static.

Importance of Product Distinction

When it comes to selling your product on Amazon Australia and around the world, it’s not just about finding a product and listing it…. You need to be able to add value and differentiate the product to show why customers should chose your product over the competition

For example, if you launch a product where the competition has 300 plus 4.5 star review, and your price is similar to there’s, you just won’t get sales.

Even having a cheaper price but no customer reviews can sometimes lead the customer to thinking your product is of lower quality, due to no-one reviews and a lower price

How to differentiate your products from the competition?

For simple steps are:

  1. Include the bonus on secondary images
  2. Consider using a different color or design
  3. Use a different angles for the main photo
  4. Include the product packaging in your product’s photos


  • • When sourcing a supplier, try to look for another supplier aside from those in Alibaba.
  • • Think differently and be Creative – how can this product be different from its competitors
  • • Add bonuses to your products
  • • Get professional photo’s and have them enhanced by a graphic designer



[01:37] Importance of Product Distinction

[02:43] So how do you to differentiate your products from the competition

[06:20] Thoughts to consider

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****** Full Podcast Transcription below *******

Episode 18


Here we talk all things Amazon here in Australia and also overseas. So, today you’ve got a really interesting one for me because I’ve just gone through this recently where we talk about product selection and when you’re in new product goes on Amazon. So, we’re constantly looking at bringing in new products and it takes a bit of effort to get it right and especially now with Amazon changing over the last five years in the US where you really need a product that’s differentiated.

And today I was speaking with one of my business partners in the US about Amazon and products and what makes them go well we’re reviewing some and products we have and the conversation is really interesting because it came down to an example of two products we have that we recently launched one that’s gone really well and one that didn’t go as well and they’re very similar to each other and the point of difference. We believe that why one is going great and one is not being that the one that’s going great looks different from the competition and there’s less competition.

While the one that’s not going well, there’s more competitors and it’s almost the same except for a couple of tweaks we did then it may sound pretty obvious but there’s no room to actually up. Then you get the data that you realize what’s causing this. The reason I say that is with Amazon Seller Consulting Services now is just not a place where you go on find product put in a poly bag and send it online, and you start getting the big sales coming in. You really need to look at a product and differentiate it.

The reason I say that is if you put your product up there and it’s almost the same as another product and you’ve just launched and the other product has 300 plus 4-4.5-star reviews and your prices are similar, there’s very little incentive for someone to click on your product listing that will better help you in Amazon Product Listing Optimization. You have no reviews, similar price it looks the exact same you’re not going to get any traffic and that also goes for the pricing.

If someone’s got there it is priced at 30 dollars with two or 300 reviews and you’re priced at 15 dollars with no review, some may think, well it’s half the price then it obviously must be a reason for that maybe the quality is inferior. So, they don’t buy it. However, if you’re at 25 dollars and there are 30 of them I think well it’s Fogel’s cheaper but no one’s reviewed it.

How can I trust that it’s going to be a good product? So, what you really need to do is when you choose your product you have to look at some differentiation. So, when it is on your Amazon Product Listing Optimization in the main photo which is your product in the white background you look at it and actually say Ah okay that makes sense. That’s why that product different, it is this different feature this type of benefit it’s worth buying and not going with someone who is an established seller.

And when we did our analysis last week we actually found that the product is not going so well it has lots of competition. The main seller actually has 90 percent of the sales and even though there’s probably 10 or 12 other sellers they are getting in less than 20 percent of the sales.

Whereas the one that’s going very well that looks differentiated within two weeks, we already got 40 percent the market share the listing looks great. We’ve got some really quick reviews put on it but it does look different so someone goes on there they may say “oh! okay look it has already got some reviews but it actually looks different and they can tactfully tell the bonus”. We did a bonus that you see on the main image and there’s two reasons you do that.

The first reason is, it is of extra value to our customer so if they’re looking at comparing products they say wow! we get this extra bonus, a bonus doesn’t actually have to be a physical product that goes with it. It could be an insert, a guide to many of those things. But the second one is it also makes it much harder for people to copy.

If you got a bonus put in there then they have to get the factory or manufacturer to also find and a match that bonus and it makes it much, much harder for anyone to come on and copy your product. So, if you’re looking at bringing in any product, and I always recommend against going in very standardized products that are hard to differentiate.

If you’re going in for product you’ve got to look at ways of making it different as you one go with Amazon Seller Consulting Services. If it’s as simple as having a different color if everyone’s got a, we often talk about steak knife here, lets return to the same stainless steak knives maybe you change your steak knife so there’s a design and a blade or there’s some sort of design through the handle something that sticks out so when they look at all the products that looks different.

I also recommend that when you take the main photo you do it on a different angle or something different. You don’t just want the product almost in the same position as competitors go to scroll down and looks almost the same. One trick you can use and it is a bit borderline because Amazon does say that the main photo just she’d be the product one trick you can use is that you actually put your packaging in with the product.

Because some of the competitors know they won’t have great packaging they have a poly bag. So, if you buy it they’re buying this as a gift for someone and they see that the competitor doesn’t have nice packaging in your photo you show the nice packaging and how great it looks then that’s another way that you can get someone to say wow! I’m going to give this as a gift, it comes as a great package.

I want to give it to look great rather than them being unsure about how it will be packaged. This week it was really interesting, seeing how we got to this situation and its sort of an eye opener that we sort of let that one go through the keeper. We were also very confident with our launch that we’d be able to smash through the competition with the Amazon Seller Consulting Services and we actually found is that the launch didn’t actually work for that product because it’s too similar. The initial launch.

Whereas the other product we actually didn’t do a launch and we were 40 in the market share so it was a really, really interesting one. What we’re going to do is actually when we reorder we’re going to change up the product so it’s very obvious because we can do another relaunch using more social media this time as recommended by Amazon FBA Expert to get the traffic going through towards so and also change the main home page image just so it’s differentiated.

So, guys I hope this is helpful. The main point I’m trying to get across there is when you find your product we told you about the criteria before don’t go to Alibaba and just find a supplier with Amazon Seller Consulting Services and take it. That’s what the eBay model, wherein you have the same product, you just compete on price. If you’re doing that, you don’t have to be able to compete. And then at the end of his exact same it will just come down to price.

It’s a race to the bottom. So, what you want to do is actually think, think differently look at this and say okay how can I be creative and make something different for this product? Some of the suppliers won’t make enhancements for you. If it’s a small initial order but once you get your sales through Amazon Listing Optimization Service and you order increases maybe your second time was 500 maybe a thousand you’re off. That’s me.

Fifteen hundred to two thousand units with that level the manufacturers are much happier to tweak the product for you because of the quantity but, at the start even if it is adding maybe a bonus to it or some way to improve it. The supplier doesn’t actually have to change their product but you add something to it.
I’d really consider that an important step when you bring these new products because otherwise you’re just competing the same old stuff. No one’s going to tell the difference. You don’t have the reviews and can be very hard to get it out there. And the other thing is when we review it we actually saw some of the photos of the competition and some of these have just been done at home and I know it happens a lot but you really need to get great photos on there.

I’ll speak with someone the other day. I said I have got your photos organize how you do your lifestyle photos, your product, your product in use photos and they said oh I’m going to speak to the company and take the photos off their website and that’s nice. It’s convenient but that’s not the standard you need to be at.

I too had been experienced with the best Amazon Seller Consulting Services. So, you need to have really awesome photos and that’s great if they got someone on the website, like on, but you need to enhance them as well so they’re different if you’re doing them from the customer’s website. Then there’s going to be other people doing the same stuff in the same images it is not differentiated. We recommend professional photos put on top of that get the graphic design to enhance them all show the benefits of the product.

Often like info graphics show the perks being you show that emotional connection when you’ve got the products. That means you’re listing your product that’s different from the competitors. If photos are different and then you can justify your price. It’s not a race to the bottom on who can be the cheapest.

So you guys hope that helped today, when you’re looking at your product selection. Always remember that above everything else it still has to be a great product so all that stuff. Just remember the bottom has been a great product otherwise you won’t get the reviews.

So, if that helps you guys but we’re here to help people succeed online especially on Amazon recommending the useful Amazon Seller Consulting Services, Amazon Listing Optimization Service and much more. We have a one on one guidance but we’re really now focusing on the larger businesses who are weak on Amazon. So, if you’re in that space we’d love to help you out. If you want some guidance on how to get Southern Amazon or How to Sell on Amazon Australia we’d love to hear from you guys.

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Keep moving forward.

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