In the past episodes we have discussed the key metrics of running an Amazon businesses, how to source products and sourcing the right ones.

Today we move on to the different strategies in launching your product.

Importance of launching a product on Amazon

It is very rare to achieve great sales from day 1 on Amazon without a proper product launch. Amazon rarely ranks a product high in its listing if it does not have a sales history  (unless your product is already a very well-known brand).


The key to a successful product launch is having product sales. There are two things you want to consider:

  1. Discounted products
  2. Full-priced initial sales

The preference is to launch with full-priced products, as Amazon is slowly moving away to launches that involve discounted products.


  1. Building email list  – Leverage your existing customers and launch on Amazon through your existing clients. (Not possible when launching a brand new venture)
  2. Advertising through Social Media –  Create a simple ad via social media pages. Attach a link for the search page of your product on Amazon
  3. Discounts/Giveaways – This strategy has been common 18 months ago, and almost the easiest and simplest way to do a launching, though losing its effectiveness.


[00:45] Importance of a product launching

[02:18] Key to product launch

[02:50] Ways to launch a product

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Episode 22

How to Launch New Product on Amazon

Hey guys! welcome to all things Amazon here in Australia and overseas. To start this week, we will talk about how to launch your new product. In the past we talked about different things metrics, how to source product and sourcing product is one of the key things in terms of selecting the right one but let’s go through some of the strategies you can use to launch a product and learn more through our Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

We will go through three to four different strategies depending on your position. Now, the reason launching product is so important is it’s very rare that you put a product on Amazon and without any launch activities. Getting sales from day one, the reason being is Amazon won’t reward your product if it doesn’t have a sales history unless it’s already known brand that hasn’t been sold on Amazon.

There’s one caveat to this if you have a great proprietary product that’s sold every else but not an Amazon and no one sells at the moment. And he put it on Amazon then it will rank well because people know about the product before it wasn’t available. If you are launching a new product keeping opinions of other people. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be ranked on page 1 as soon as you launch a product despite using the best keywords research all that type of stuff and the real reason behind that is why would Amazon give you priority over other products if you don’t have a track record.

If Amazon knows other products are selling well they’ve got good reviews and low returns. They’re bringing sales for their business. They’ll keep putting them at top and you’ll stay down the bottom and that sort of process. It is all about Amazon’s very simple algorithm, pretty much if you have an Amazon it sells well, low returns then you’ll stay at the top regardless what other people are doing as long as you’re selling them you’re in stock.

They’re not getting returned and refunds ask for then Amazon will keep it the stock at the top of the rankings and it makes sense. If you’re like a department store bricks and mortar you’re really hot selling product that everyone loves to keep at the front of the store.

Why would you put someone else’s product with a really good position that doesn’t have a track record?So, the key with launching a product is all about sales getting sales through your business.

There’s two things to consider here. One of them is when people discount the item that still does work but you have to determine what pricing it’s discounted out and full price initial sales are so much better than any discount ones. Amazon is slowly moving away from those launches where you can discount them some discount services I’ve found don’t work anymore.

But some still do need to launch a new product on Amazon. There’s for waiting about it. The first one is to sell to an existing e-mail list. That’s one way. The second way is through advertising external to Amazon such as Facebook or YouTube and driving traffic to Amazon. The third one is discounted or give away sites and again two different ones.

How they work and once I’ve found that do work and ones found that don’t work. Into the specifics of the ones that don’t work but I’ll give you an idea of their pricing so you sort of know which ones do and don’t work. The first way to launch is to build an email list so existing business you probably an email list which is fantastic if you don’t have an existing email list. Here, Amazon FBA experts will help and guide you in whole process.

Then there’s a number of different strategies that go way around to build that up. So, assuming you’ve got an email list. One way to launch is that you send email out to your audience. Say look you guys are my favorite customers. We’re going to Amazon this is a product this is what say fantastic and because we really a relationship we’d like to give you extra discounts so not like 90 percent of something but you may give it to them at half price.

But the key you want to do here is not send them directly to your listing. The reason is Amazon will say all of these will come in direct listing. They’ve been told somehow so that as you push up the ranking what you want to do is send them a link in the email. That is where the search term is used to find your product you own is pretty general ones so just say you’re selling steak knives. You may want to go into Amazon type in steak knives and then right up the top of the web.

The U.R.L. it’s called unique resource locator which is just the website of Amazon right at the top you see these really long website address and that’s your search term so you’re going to Amazon type in steak knives. See the search results and then the website address. Copy that and put it into your email. What that says is that when they click on it they’ll just go to Amazon for the generic search for search for steak knives and you need to tell them your email is that this is what the product looks like. You may need to scroll through to page 2 3 4 5 to see it and when you click on it. Here’s a coupon code to get your 50 percent off.

The reason I do that is they need to search through Amazon things. Are people going to Amazon the topping steak knives and they’re searching all the way through to find this product and when they find it they’re buying it said wow there must be something special that these people are searching for steak knives and choosing this one which is yours. This is on page four at the moment and they are all buying it.

So, Amazon goes wow!There must be something special about that we better put up the rank. It’s really important we do that email that include a picture of your product. The generic search U.R.L. and you tell your email list that they need to go through and search for it until they find it. And that’s one way of launching with your email list. Part of that. So, come back to me on that one. The second way to launch is through social media.

Just say your new product at steak knives you go to something like Facebook or YouTube and you make a very basic video. What you want do is a very simple ad such as brainy state nice send off today and you don’t provide a coupon code change the sale price which you do three listings this is normal price 39.90 sale price 19.97 you can do that. So, it looks like they get a discount and then you do the image very simple wording that is 24 hour sale. Then you put that through and sort of you jump back to the e-mail point and learn all these strategies about how to launch products on Amazon through FBA Experts.

One of the key principles is you need to run it for at least seven days. When you do that email blast out to your audience don’t send more at once do a drip email every day. If your database has 700 emails day one you send one hundred, day two you send one hundred and day three you send one hundred. That’s really important because you get all the traffic. One day Amazon algorithm. Optimize your product as per Amazon to attract more customers.

Think there’s some sort of launch or blast it’s been done so do it over seven days to give Amazon that proof of sales. I found that seven days is the minimum that you want to do and to push up the ranks. And that applies to all these strategies that it’s done over seven days. So sorry for giving back but that was a really important point. So back to the second one in terms of driving your launch through social media such as Facebook YouTube. So, for example Facebook you put in the image of the product.

You do the sale price 39.90 to 19.97, put the image really simple something like 24 hour sale and you run it for seven days each day you do a new ad and then you drive them to the same search page on Amazon. It sounds crazy because people only know Amazon and see all these other products and they’re going to go to you. That doesn’t make sense. We’re trying to give them traffic from other people.

The reason you do that is people will see that products they see or one was on sale from Facebook so they’ll scroll through and they find and click on it. Some people who aren’t comfortable with this oh say test it sees for yourself it works if they’re really conservative you’ll actually drive them to your own Amazon store and that’s a really simple way so you get the same search terms steak knives. But then the name of your Amazon brand or store.

Since it’s your brand page that’s good but because of the branding it’s not as effective as the first strategy. But if you’re really insistent saying I don’t want to drive to Amazon where they can see other products and just put new keywords such as steak knives and then your brand will go to your brand page and that stops them seeing the other competitors.

I don’t recommend that but some people are totally against going to the generic page then then that’s a different way of doing it. So, the first option is that e-mail list. The second option is the Facebook or YouTube.

And the idea is to go always the generic search when you’re trying to target including image on both of them so people scroll through and find it the third way is a very common 18 months ago.

It’s called a discount or a giveaway and going back two years it was so simple to do you literally didn’t need product do a giveaway and you be ranking on page one straight away. The only downside of it is because it’s so simple then people giving to these giveaways all the time to stay on page one. This said it can be hard to give away a lot of product but it’s definitely a foolproof way to get on page one within a week.

So, you go on Amazon 18 months to go find a product be on page one high ranking just by doing a giveaway. Amazon’s definitely change the Algorithm because they realize a people getting reviews that weren’t reflective of the product is paying for it and they’ll get a good review. And it was on stop that now there’s a policy where you can’t ask review for a discounted item and Amazon also change the algorithm because I think they don’t like people being given discounted products a way to boost the algorithm. I think they caught on that there is a way to get at the top.

There’s two services that still do it. There’s one is it costs about thirty to forty dollars a month. And those ones you go in and you give a discount and you sort of manually control it you say OK I want to give away 100 new products. You put the coupon codes and then people start applying.

You can see the people but you’re a little bit of information about them and you’re here to prove each time you have a seven day so if you give away 300 units over seven days then you give away a 45 per hour per day and you go on each day and give it away. Those ones are found the cheaper services. When I noticed it recently it wasn’t successful? And we gave a discount at about 97 percent off and that one wasn’t successful.

It may be because any pricing we give a discount of 90 percent or above doesn’t work. We tried it on a different platform when we only gave a 90 percent discount. It worked very well.

There are these services cost about 30 or 40 dollars a month and you give away new sort of control the process and decide who give them away. There’s other companies that charge around probably between three and six hundred dollars per giveaway and they end the whole process where they’ll determine who gets them what channels they do.

They may do some social media, social media marketing themselves all through their direct database they don’t show you how they do it. Who gives it away or the timings but they normally only do it at 90 percent off and those ones cost between about three and six hundred dollars per launch. Learn more from Amazon experts to launch new product on Amazon and Optimizing Amazon products.

In addition to the products you give away so it’s not cheap but that definitely works. We tried it on a product that was and it was ranking about page four and then we did that and at the end of the launch five to seven days it was on page one in position three. So, it does work. Any downside is very expensive because time bottom you pay their fees and do the giveaway.

You took in minimum a thousand fifteen hundred dollars for that. If you’ve an email list it’s great because you actually it doesn’t cost anything it’s your own e-mail list and you normally only give it up 50 percent off. You’re probably almost breaking even on that. So that’s fantastic and you can probably do a bit more bit more follow up e-mails as well to encourage a review. So that’s in terms of orders which I prefer first on the email list but not everyone has one.

The second is social media and we’ve tried this before but we found that it needs some decent skills in terms of graphic design and just knowing your audience like Facebook ads is very easy to use terms of demographics on target. But make sure you got it right. Good looking Ad takes a bit more skill and some of the YouTube you need credit video, we normally do those ones where it’s just a product still from different angles and it sort of zooms in and zooms out.

We found that takes more effort and we actually got someone to do it and the cost was similar in the end to the third one we pay third party to launch for you but if your skills you great at doing a Facebook how do the graphics then that’s a definitely a much cheaper way to do it and launch it. And that’s probably the second priority in terms of preferences.

The third one is look if you just want to outsource it and say I want to rank highly then when they services that cost between $3 and $600 a launch they definitely work from our experience we tried that many times and it does go on the front page depending on how many give away you can work with the company and determine how many give away or can drop me a line.

I can sort of look at other competitors and can tell me give away but it does cost a lot and you’re normally given away at 90 percent. So that’s the other downside of that one with the social media sometimes you maybe only discount at 75 percent or maybe 50 percent saying get your money back.

So the more of this is launching is key to launching on Amazon. So, launching is key to getting product on page 1. Even on page 1 you won’t be selling. And to do that there’s these four different strategies for Launching Product on Amazon with your email list, social media marketing or a third-party service either the $3-$600 a month give away or the $30 give away.

Our preference is always focus on the email list. We’ll talk later in another email about how to build up your email list, there’s different strategies on how to go about it but it’s really powerful to do.

Because it helps with the launch but also means bringing your second product to your email list to launch out to it becomes cheaper and easier to launch each time you don’t have these high costs and set up so part of the whole process when you selling on Amazon is building that brand but also from your email list and I’ll talk another day about some strategies to build up the email list.

So, guys I hope you got some value on this today. We’re always trying to help the community help businesses and sellers on Amazon through our Amazon Seller Consulting Services. Look you’ve got some value from it. I love and appreciate your honest review and on iTunes.

Have any questions please reach out to me the best way is

We’d love to help you. We’ve been helping some companies in the US recently and one of them we launched in the first months is for one of this SKU and we got a 36 percent increase. A tool that just to say look there’s business out there. They want some help with definitely a lot specialize in that space and I’d love to help you.

Even if you’re an individual starting out guys Amazon is a huge opportunity. Just make sure you get educated it is through us or through another organization. My goal is just make sure we get educated because it improves your success on Amazon tenfold.

So guys have a great day.

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