If you sell on Amazon FBA USA, then it’s possible to experience a drop in sales during July and August…

Why?… Vacation time

It makes a great opportunity to re-visit your products, look at what is and is not working, and get ready for the big sales before Christmas

Today we talk about how to fix you a drop in sales in both the Short and Long term


[00:40] Metrics that determines sales

[01:25] Imagery

[02:00] Pricing

[02:35] PPC

[03:59] Reviews

[05:27] Coordinate to Suppliers

[05:45] Enhanced Brand Content

[06:55] External Traffics

[07:33] Promotional Discounts

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Episode 28

This article is all about Amazon speaking with Amazon FBA Expert from around the world to help you grow and build your Amazon business. Hey guys welcome to the article of Coach AMZ and say we’re going to see what to do when your sales drop off. This sometimes happens with seasonality so it could be the summer seasons and you have winter products or could be Christmas or in the new year. So, sometimes they go up or down.

But if you’re in a usual pattern of time and your sales are dropping then today until about what options you have. So, based on Amazon and Amazon Seller Consulting Services two metrics determine your sales first metric is your sessions. So how many people come to your listing. The second one is your unit session percentage. So, when people get they how many people are buying.

So, when your sales drop off or you want increase your sales there’s two things that we recommend get more people listing with the Amazon Listing Optimization Service or get when the people get their increase in their conversion rate or do a combination of both. So, they are the two leads you can play with. And it sounds simple but that’s the fundamentals of running an Amazon listing. So what can you do about it.

So, in the short term we’ll talk about unit session percentage the conversion rate and your sessions. In the short term, the first thing I look at is your unit session percentage so the quickest way to change that is through imagery. Take a look at your main image and your other images and starts testing him. You did that manually or are you some software and find out which ones convert better.

You may have found that the competition has come in and they’ve changed some of the imagery some more people go into their site you’ll get less traffic and less people converting. The first thing I’d recommend in a short term. Is look at your imagery of just some play around with them starts with testing and see there’s an improvement you can make with your imagery. The second thing I’d recommend this is a last resort is promising.

We never recommend people change their pricing because it comes a race to the bottom. The fee’s per category range from 8 – 12%, plus you also need to factor in the size of the product you sell, which affects Amazon’s pricing, for easy flow go with Amazon Seller Consulting Services. You change your price to get more sales the competitor does it. And so you guys just like race to the bottom until there’s no profit left. So the first thing I’d recommend is just take look imagery.

What’s the quickest thing you can do they have a graphic design come in and just test three or four different images and see which one converts better to stop beating that up. That’s the first part. The second part session so how many people coming to you will be seeing and these are the real quick short term things. What can you do right away. The easiest thing to do in the short term is look at your PPC. Going to your PPC look at the bidding and get 50 percent above the top being words for you.

Your best ACoS say the lowest costing for your sales at the same time, you may even have ACoS where you got a break even and you may want to rank top of those as well. Amazon the ranking pretty much comes down onto your sales velocity. So, how many sales are you doing in the short term, you may want to say I’m happy just to get as much traffic through this product in the short term for maybe two or three weeks even from breaking even the sales velocity up to have a while listing in the orders.

You may go into your review and the time them the key with your product. You may find that now you’re at the bottom of page 1 whereas before you’re halfway through the top of page one so often your sessions will come down to your ranking on the page. So, the quickest thing you can do turn to your PPC, you have automatic turned off maybe go back in time to get some extra sales coming in and then get through your broad and your manual PPC and just absolutely push the money through there. Even that means you’re breaking even for two or three weeks if it gets you up the rankings. That’s a key thing you can do.

So short term the two strategies offer that you can do. Long term is where you want to be thinking what’s the bigger picture. How can we improve that with Amazon Seller Consulting Services. So, with your unit session percentage the long term, you have the conversion rate we may want to have a look at your reviews. We found that once again the four reviews the annual conversion rate really drop off. So have a look at your views and see if you’ve dropped off that four star review area. And if you have, then look at your auto e-mail sequence in terms of what you sent out to customers. Is it really a 100 percent fit? Is anything you can do to make it more personal? Can you do things like FAQ, valuable tips, the image of yourself at the bottom of it told me your small business in a what can you do to increased your percentage chance of getting more 5 star reviews get that above the 4 stars.

The ones you can look at the stock the one two and three star reviews. So have you thought about your product inserts. Have you been sitting there saying look guys there’s anything wrong with this product. Contact me directly. We’ll fix it up no questions or give you a refund and that can stop some of these negative reviews coming in. Having this framework, makes it easy to monitor your Amazon business with the Amazon Seller Consulting Services and determine what strategies are needed to maintain and increase sales.

So if the first two the third when you want to do is actually get through and look your product reviews has in the last month or two a large number of reviews come through negative and this sometimes happens if you have a supplier and they’ve rushed the job through and then maybe a fault or something just not perfect or right with your product and it’s catching through. When you go through that read something just check any themes that come out that need to be addressed. It’s very unlikely but I have seen that happen. There’s been a bad production run. There was review go down to only a four and a half star product they are going to a three point eighty three point nine and it may be an issue with a supplier.

Possibly you have to review that you can take some action and even if it’s as extreme as removing that stock out or speaking you supply to make sure it doesn’t happen next time we’ll get some sort of reimbursement or special of them because of the issues that have caused. The other you can look in the long term is your system conversion rate. What are you doing about your imagery. If you haven’t got the Enhanced Brand Content that’s one of the first things you should do. So to get that you need a trademark and that takes generally six months in the U.S. to pass. And the great thing about that is that he ends up doing a real story that your products with all that space in the listing until made story about your customers about the product how it helps them, what the target persona is how it benefits them what that pain points to really increasing conversion rates.

Also now a lot of EBC allows video to be used. When you get the video that absolutely kills it, it comes to conversions. You make a similar product that’s not too differentiated. You really stand out from the competition by going through explaining stuff saying why yours is different, why it’s great going through that. Building that trust and increasing conversions. So, really strongly recommend you look at EBC if you haven’t so now the other part of the long run is sessions. How do you get more traffic to it.

The short term it talked about is PPC which has a quick burst of money but it might be breakeven. So we want to look at recessions is really do analysis of where you’re at now with your ranking often the sales drop may have come down the rankings for you key words and you want to get back up in that. So the ways you increase your rankings is really obvious increase your sales. So one thing Amazon does love is external traffic coming to the listings. That’s how we can easily recommend you the Amazon Listing Optimization Service.

So this is not this is traffic was someone’s come from social media or Web site and landed on Amazon and Amazon realized and they’re saying well someone else is pushing people to Amazon these Amazon such from external websites and buying stuff from others from us to have people from social media YouTube Facebook Instagram pointing to Amazon and your listing. It makes a massive difference.

The first thing you do is do a social media blast. We get a whole bunch of traffic going to your listing and that will instantly give you a boost in your rankings and increase your sessions. The other way is you can do a promotion or discount giveaway. You have to be careful how you do it. I know some of the services don’t work now. Some of them still do work but you have to pay for them and you got to watch how much she does count them for. So that does work but you really get be careful and know which provided to use these days because Amazon’s changed the algorithm and love the reviews that come through and products won’t come up and that product reviews.

So guys as a quick article today is really about what to do if your sales drop off and how our Amazon Seller Consulting Services will help you out. The two things you need to look at is what’s the conversion rate, how many people buying when they come in come in and what happens to your sessions. So is it because it’s seasonality on your keywords. Have you actually dropped down the ranks and not gone as much traffic once you know that then you can determine with needing improving conversion rate or get more sessions to do that conversion rates. All that imagery all that emotional story.

This article is all about driving traffic to the listing and increasing sales. Amazon love sales and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy when your product gets more sales, Amazon keeps it at the top it keeps getting sales it at the top and it’s very hard for people to knock you off.

So I hope that it helps today. It is a quick session. We’ve gone through recently the few clients that had a drop off sales. We did a deep dive denounce on it find out what wasn’t working and it took about six weeks to get ourselves back on track. So the good news is it’s possible just take a bit of tweaking to find out what’s working and you’re back in business.

Have you found that helpful session today. We love helping businesses. If your business is out there and you’re not selling Amazon or you’re already selling Amazon you don’t get the results you see. Drop us a line. We’d love to help. We do have a free video review of your listings and we’ll see what you can do.

Thanks guys.

Have fun! Take action.

Life is great.

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