If you want to succeed at being an Amazon FBA seller, then you need to dominate the top 3 listings.

Mobile sales on Amazon now account for 64% of sales and only the top sponsored Ad appears in the paid ads, when using your phone.

To add to that, the top 3 listings account to close to 70% of all clicks.

The bottom line, if you aren’t in the top 3 listings, you won’t be dominating sales on Amazon…

So how do you get to the top of sponsored Amazon PPC (campaign manager) sponsored Ads?

Well today is what’s today podcast is all about

Enjoy and find out the strategy we use to:

  • • Find top converting keywords
  • • Reduce ACoS spend
  • • Continually find low cost long tail words each month
  • • Difference and purpose for exact, broad and phrase adword groups



[00:31] Mobile Sales

[00:56] Sponsored Ads

[01:11] Maximizing PPC

[02:18] Break even point

[04:11] Profitable keywords

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****** Full Podcast Transcription below *******

Episode 29

This article we discuss all things, Amazon speak with Amazon FBA Expert from around the world to help you grow and build your Amazon business. Hey guys welcome to another article of Coach AMZ. And today we’re doing something different. Talking about advertising and pay-per-click or in seller central called campaign manager.

Now, I have been talking about this before but it’s so important because, on mobile now if you’re not appearing in mobile your Amazon account you are not getting found pretty much assuming all of the data at 66 percent of all sales now on Amazon are on mobile devices. So, you have to appear at the top of the ranking to get that. The first three listings take up about 60 percent of all the clicks. If you are not on mobile or on the top you are not being found and the really interesting part is that on sponsored ads it’s only the first ad that shown on mobile because of lack of space.

If you’re not in the number one spot for sponsored ads then you find it really hard not to get your traffic. Today, we’re going to talk about the strategy and how to really maximize your PPC. We have reached here with the best Amazon Seller Consulting Services. And we found that with one client that’s absolutely dominate the market they were about 80% of the market share. They are the top sponsored ad plus they are also the first ranking, taking two out of three to two of the first three spots. And with that they are killing it and I believe because they get about two thirds of all the clicks through the mobile devices.

So, how do you rank on PPC? The root thing to think about here is where are you in the life cycle of your business. So, you were just launching product you got to go for really fast market domination. So, you have to spend money even if it’s below breakeven, so you are not making money on it, to get your sales velocity up.

Because all the ranking comes into sales velocity if you already the market share, then you want to do as much advertising as possible up to the breakeven point. We test and prove our new sales strategies to ensure our clients get the best results and provide effective Amazon Listing Optimization Service. So, there are the two ways you want to work at it. If you’re launching go as hard and aggressive as you can you get the money supported even if it’s not breakeven because it builds up your sales velocity and sales velocity determines your rank. If you already dominate the market then you go up to breakeven point.

So, first of all how do you determine your breakeven point for your pay-per-click? Say your cpc, cost per click, the way you work that out, it’s very simple. If your product sales with 30 dollars work at the cost of goods how much it cost to get from the manufacturer? Let us say that its 10 dollars, where all the other fees and cost you pay and another 10 dollars and you’re left with 10 dollars. It cost you 10 dollars fees are 10 dollars collected 10 dollars profit, so 30 minus 20 is 10. That’s how much profit to play with.

And then you work out your click to sales ratio. So, how many clicks to get the ads so just say you get 100 clicks and it results in 20 sales. So, your click to sale ratio is 5. That means if you’re making 10 dollars per product and takes you 5 clicks to get a sale then you can spend up to two dollars per click and you still breaking even. So that’s a real key metric you can use, you can use ACoS in reverse engineer. But, the real basic why is that how you do it. You know you got 2 dollars to play with.

So, if you know that then you can do up to 2 dollars per click or you can get higher than that if you’re the starting phase and now spending more money it takes a little bit of time to get you there. But when she then you can turn it back down. Now realistically you have to bid more than 2 dollars at the start because until the algorithm learns about your product and the conversion rates you have to bid higher.

At the start even though your maximum bid is 2 dollars as you may have to spend 4 dollars at the start and you just keep an eye on it. Normally you’ll come down if you go to a good converting product. That’s why we talk about on all the other episodes that imagery, getting your content right. So, once you get the click then you get the conversion. So, that’s what the really rule of thumb is that’s the really important measurement is what you need to start, so what do you do?

The first thing is go through all your ads and find what’s not profitable, turn off those ones. That’s a key thing first you got to do. Go to your customer search report and download that and find out what ones again the most orders. So you download the customer search report and it’s really important to look at customer search reports. I know people were just going there and look at their campaign manager and look at the stats but they’re very high level yet.

You can actually go to the customer search report because that has the key, and the search that the actual customer typed in. And that’s where the gilds at. Our goal is to have your business succeed on Amazon and deliver a 50% increase in sales in 6 months with our Amazon Seller Consulting Services. Go down, download all those reports and then find out sort them from the top orders down and find out which ones are profitable. All those ones that are unprofitable you don’t need a focus at.

Find out the ones that are profitable that are getting the most sales, marginally look at the ones that like know profitable what’s 80 percent success 20 percent that contributes to your sales sort of rule in life as an economist, I think in Italy in the 18th hundreds called Plato and he found that 20 percent success. So I think 80 of your success comes then you need 20 percent of your effort so finding the best keyword. The 20 percent of the keywords it’s probably five six seven eight keywords.

Again, most of your traffic and what you want to do this is where the magic comes in. You want to make the campaign if we break it into the ad group. So one campaign has many ad groups. What you do is take those five six seven eight nine keywords and put in a broad match and a phrase match for eight of those. The reason you won’t do that is because when you mix them up all under one add group you don’t get the same benefits.

Your algorithm is trying to sort of way the squared off against another one. But if you put it in its own add group, you get so much more traffic so that’s a real key for you. That one little bit that’s the magic. And then what you do only white three or four weeks and you download a report and this is put it really simply into a nutshell show you download a report find out all the terms that are in traffic and anything that we have a rule of thumb that anything that’s going in three or four clicks sorry anything gets three of three or four more sales that’s profitable. Then I’ll put that in as an exact term and then that means those and other longtail ones they’re the ones they’re going to really not compete.

You’re going to get them and are going to be really low really low cost to get those ads. So download the report find all the ones that maybe three or four sales come from that are profitable and then you put them in his exact ones and that’s where the magic is because you get all these long tail words and no ones are competing on those ones can be quite rare and they’re really cheap. And then what you do you still leave on your broad and your phrase match.

And every month you just go through that looking for new key words and you to leave those on to find the new keywords and all the ones that aren’t making money. So I offer about 10 15 maybe even after about ten clicks. You get a good feel for it. They’re not making money. Put them in as a negative exact in the campaigns they don’t get found out.

So, what that means is that every month you get new data come in all the search terms all the search teams coming in find out the ones that are getting sales them is the exact, turn off the rest and that is the absolute magic of really light made it succeed but that’s where all the advertising agencies do for pay-per-click all the top ones do that do they pretty much do that so every month they’ve got new data come in they pull out the ones that are good. They put them in the exact and they get really low advertising costs for you. And that’s where the magic is if you want.

You can then take some of those high converting ones and put them in your titles. But you to be careful playing with that because that can then affect your other conversion rate. It could have a ripple effect. So normally if there’s a product that’s really killing it dominate or don’t like change in the title playing around with it. But if you’re still struggling it at the top then you can tweak it.

But, with Amazon FBA Expert, you are going great. The other really key thing with these is the algorithm like a lot of history. I am not sure why but they need, find at least about four weeks’ worth of data. The longer they go on the better they work. If you go to a campaign that’s been running six months you want to turn it off don’t turn it off just live it on with one or two key words that keeps ticking over.

Because for some reason when you turn these things off you turn it back on again I am not sure but the algorithm has to start again. But it sorts of gets a bit confused and has to start thinking all over again. But what you do is during that process you have a pipeline of new words coming in at a really low cost and you get very profitable. And what a fine is it often takes four to six weeks to get up to the top of the sponsored ads so that’s why you make a new niche, steak knives and you find the keywords you be bidding the top man and is not putting up then again what’s going on what’s going on.

And the reason is Amazon doesn’t want to give a new person coming in with no history. The top sponsor ad even if they’re paying a bit more. So, what will happen is the algorithm thinks, well these persons being twice as much I can give it half the amount that guaranteed money and to sell then Amazon gets the benefit of the fees. So, the algorithm is actually smart even if you’ve got new products coming in you’d bid as high as you want but you don’t get to the top right away.

So, what is the use the IRS will sort of learn as you go. And that’s why you knew that 4-6 weeks. You go out they get the keywords right away are appearing one on appearing because they didn’t have any sales history and sales velocity the algorithm really the Amazon algorithm really rewards sales history that converts will. So, you have to start building that up with your advertising campaign.

So that’s why you need those long tail keywords to start with because Amazon will say I am going to be the top ones but I have these longtail when you have a long tail. And if they convert they will say, oh! this is good I will start giving you any spending the range and that’s why it may take 4-6 weeks for a sponsored had to really work. So people often get put off saying they go in there two weeks later they’re not going to try they can’t work it out.

It’s not that the algorithm just doesn’t have that credibility, your product hasn’t built that credibility up to have that traffic and that’s why all this stuff regardless of how well you do it you need a high converting site so that’s why we talk about the images have to be great we have to have a great product. What happens is that Amazon will give you a go it was like ok I will try you, I will put you at the top if you’re not converting or take you straight away. So, all these things come down you have to have a great product great image great product description and then these things are like the gasoline the fire the gas that you put on the fire to make it growing.

So basically, that’s a real quick nut show about how to succeed with Amazon pay-per-click I’d say 80 to 90 percent of people don’t do it right but, with Amazon Seller Consulting Services you can get to it. They’re just going to play around with it. They leave the campaign’s only too many ad groups with multiple keywords across them that don’t actually take out the ones that are really working well. Putting in a separate group, separate out Ad Words a single group keywords to really get the difference.

Because basically if you make it as simple and delineated as possible algorithm it makes it work so much better. So that’s why we say take out key words put him in a separate ad group and have more combining the algorithms will work out. Does this work? Does that work? If you separate them out saying that these are already the good ones. No, I’m delineating it is very simple row by row. That’s what makes it great.

So, this one maybe a bit more technical but it’s really important to grasp and that’s why we suggest working with a professional on it PPC is a major component of succeeding on Amazon especially in mobile devices and that’s how we bring you the best Amazon Seller Consulting Services. And it’s one of the cornerstones that we want to get in place and get it right to have a successful Amazon business and also let you help .

Guys hope that was valuable today. If you love these articles love to hear from you even better if you ever leave a four or five-star review. Tell me what you think of it they’ll be fantastic. Those things really help.

Hope you got a lot out of it. Good luck to your Amazon account.

Life is great keep selling.

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