Businesses and private labellers move to Amazon, often with expectations of generating $100,000+ sales in the first few months…. based on some of the YouTube video’s & Guru’s doing the rounds.

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, though the majority of new sellers, DON’T make the sales they expect.


It’s simple…. Amazon has no interest in diverting direct from high selling products, with great reviews and low product returns to a brand-new seller with no track record of having a quality product.

So what happens if you list a new product on Amazon with no launch strategy?
Not MUCH – and most likely you will be ranked on page 4 or higher, getting zero traffic or sales.

So today we talk about a simple strategy that will kick off your sales by initially getting 2-3 sales per day, then gradually building it up over 2-3 months
Then after a few months, you can start challenging the big players and start taking away their market share.

The way to do this is by focus on long tail keywords that the competition isn’t focusing on.

It’s a very simple & effective strategy:

  1. Run your keyword tools and Amazon PPC to find long tail search terms that lead to sales.
  2. Turn on PPC for the long tail keyword under an exact match and be the top bidder
  3. Update your listing title so the long tail keyword is included.
  4. UPDATE your imagery so the MAIN photo it’s different from the competition.

This means on mobile devices you will now have at least 1 top ranking and mobile devices now account for over 65% of Amazon sales.
This will lead to be about 2 – 3 sales per day for these long tail keywords which is a start.

Then, once you get the top organic and paid rank for that keyword, (in about 2-3 weeks), then you focus on the next best long tail keyword.

Rinse and repeat for the next 2 – 3 months and you should be at around 50 – 70 sales per week, which will then allow you to start implementing strategies to take a big chunk of market share.

This strategy is not flashy but works very well to build initial sales, product reviews and product ranking over the first few months, before considering a larger launch strategy.


[01:00] Scaling product That wasn’t moving

[02:14] Imagery

[02:43] Using long tail keywords

[07:28] Mobile sales


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