If you have the buy box on Amazon, then you get 100% of the product sales.

(FYI – the buy box is the Amazon logic that gives the seller all the sales when you click Add to Cart, when there is more than 1 seller of a product)

Great for business if you are winning the buy box – terrible if you are not winning

The downside is that whoever is winning the buy box, is they get control of the listing. This means they can ruin your listing if they want!!!

In Amazon circles, we call this “Hijacking”….

They could remove all the images, change the title and write bullet points that make no sense……

An example is you are selling steak knives and a competitor buys some of your product, then resends it back to Amazon, as if they are selling it. They reduce the price, win the buy box and then get control your listing…… WTF

Well there is a solution and it’s called Brand Registry.

Amazon offer brand registry (and it’s free) to protect your listings and stop Hijackers. It also means you get access to Enhanced Brand Content so can do really cool things like add video to your listings and design an almost website like imagery listing below the main bullet points.

The only condition for Brand Registry is that you have a trademark and it’s applied to the packaging and product (where possible).

So if you are selling on Amazon and want to stop the Hijackers, then visit https://brandservices.amazon.com.auto get Brand Registered today


[00:28] Enahnce brand content

[01:19] Getting a trademark

[04:42] EBC stops Hijacking

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