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There is a saying “you buy with your eyes” and this definitely applies to Amazon selling.

We have found that your conversion rates (i.e. how many people buy the product per visitor) comes down to

  1. Main image
  2. Reviews
  3. Price

Today we are focusing on imagery and how to test which ones converts the best to instantly get a boost in sales.

To do this, the test must be statistically significant (i.e. you have a 90 – 95% level of confidence that your sample testing will apply to your actual listing).

So how do you do it

  1. Test before your image is uploaded to Amazon via pickfu.com
    • This is an amazing tool for testing all types of images from eCommerce to book cover
  1. Test once your product is live via splitly.com
    • They have a service call A/B testing to see which image converts better and quantifies your monthly increase in sales… very cool


Enjoy the podcast today and take action to see which image results in the best sales….


[00:41] Strategy in Testing your Imagery

[01:10] A/B Split Testing

[02:07] PickFu Software

[04:00] Screen Mock-up the listing

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