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I’ve had a few questions from businesses who are stuck in getting initial traction and sales for their Amazon FBA product listing.

So today we are talking about the 3 foundation steps to get your Amazon listing noticed and sales coming in.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Get reviews
  2. Turn on PPC
  3. Have the best imagery

So it’s pretty simple to get the foundations right for your Amazon listing:

    1. Product Reviews: you need social proof your product is great. A case study said 78% of buyers on Amazon take into consideration the product review rating. Our experience shows you need at least 10 product reviews for social proof that your product warrants purchasing. Hence your first 30 days should have a major focus on hustling to get 10 product reviews


    1. Pay per Click (PPC): this is the fastest way to get your product in front of customers. When you launch your product, you are most likely to be on page 4+ and no one will be finding your product. Start with long tail keywords that are lower cost per click and higher conversion until you are getting atleast 3 sales per day, then move onto the next keywords and start building up your sales.
  1. Imagery: Your product MUST have the best imagery amongst it’s competitors. Make sure you have professional photograph’s with a graphic designer touching them up and adding text’s. The image set you need are
  1. Product photo
  2. Infographic with benefits
  3. Product in-use photo
  4. Lifestyle photo
  5. Multi discount buy image

Bonus tip: be priced slightly lower than the top sellers.

Lastly, you need to take a long term view with your listing. The first order is just to build a foundation listing to get great reviews, know your keywords and have kick arse imagery.

Your profits start coming from 2nd order, when you are starting to rank and getting a lot of organic traffic


[01:01] Key things to get initial attraction

[01:34] Product reviews

[04:55] PPC

[06:48] Product Imagery

[08:08] Product Launch pricing

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