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The 2 attributes for Amazon FBA business success are:

  1. Persistence
  2. Tenacity

When starting your Amazon business there can sometimes be more setbacks than successes at the start.

That’s why the proper mindset is very important.

Being persistent and tenacious in researching your product and ways to improve it are the key success foundations.


Starting any business and in particular an Amazon FBA business comes with setbacks.

You might not hear people say that they faced setbacks, but before you reach any level of success you will face more than a few setbacks.

  • • Master your product
  • • Smash through that market
  • • Get the right people on board


Things to remember

  • • Be persistent and keep moving forward, and setback will occur.
  • • Keep Learning – get an Amazon FBA expert or Amazon Coach on your team to continually improve and learn how to master selling on Amazon



[00:43] Mindset needed for Amazon success

[01:48] Dealing with Setbacks

[07:45] Things to Remember

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Episode 21

Get Amazon Seller Consulting Services and Tips

Hi Guys welcome to another episode of Coach AMZ. Where we talk all things Amazon here and abroad. Today we’re going to our different topic in relation to Amazon and it’s all around mindset. So all the previous podcasts have been talking strategies techniques tools how to find products and they’re all part of the basics you need. But the underlying principle we need above that is on your mind set and making sure that you’ve got the right state before you implement the strategy.

What I’ve found is that you can be given the best strategy the best tools but unless you are the right mindset then you may not follow through on it. You may give up and the real key thing is to have a mindset of persistence and tenacity. The reason I say that is for example you will be given the criterion how to find a product had listed how to launch it or the right stuff and it may not work for some reason.

For example the week before you launch at 10 new competitors jump in who are huge and have lots of money so your product is no longer suitable or sales a lot less than you expected and that could happen the week before the launch. You may say all this process doesn’t work. You get the sales you’re after then you give up. Here, you will get all the assistance for How to Sell on Amazon Australia and other places.

But when you’re running a business from Amazon business more than likely you’ll have setbacks and you always hear about the setbacks.You hear about, Oh! look I’m doing $100,000 a month I’m doing $200,000 jobs a month and I’ve got a team of Asian life’s great. But whenever you get to that level of success there’s going to be so many setbacks along the way.

There’ll be more setbacks than good times but you need to push through and get there and you take mentality of I’m just going to dabble in this one I’m not going to master it. I’m not really going to go deep and find all the ins and outs. You won’t succeed on Amazon and you move on to the next shiny object. So, get assistance from Amazon FBA Expert and learn techniques through Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

I would define it, if you don’t get it deep and master the area then you’re never going to get success. See people go from eBay to eBooks to affiliate marketing. They look at the sales video it sounds great but they never go deep and master it. The reason I say that is if you can’t be on the top sellers on Amazon if you be doing. Learn the best ways of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Products that are doing 20,30,40,50 thousand dollars a month. Then you need to be the master. You need to be the best product out there. You need to know all the tactics. Because in business people know that if there’s money to be made then someone’s going to learn the tools and techniques to become the top seller through Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

If you can say to someone, look master all these skills and you have one product that is $50,000 a month and you can write a range of products to be a lot of hungry people. Whereas if you’re the competitor that you say, Yeah! I’ll just put a product on Amazon. Now the packaging is not right or I’ll just print a poly bag. I haven’t really tested it. I don’t need to launch. You’re not going to be the top seller there and you also wonder why you don’t get the results and then you pull out of it and move on to the next shiny object.

That’s one thing that really underlines this is all about the mindset. It’s not about the short term fix it’s really going deep and mastering it and so on. When you work with people they say, “Oh! I spent two days selling four products and I haven’t found anything”. It’s really hard and if you think about the big picture if you want to be building a business that’s doing 1 million or up to 10 million it takes a lot more than a couple days of research to find a product.

It’s competitive and you really need to go deep and dig into that. What you find is that once you sort of smash through these initial hurdles you’re sort of zone of reference expands so you get through something, you smash through it and the new problems come up and it’s always going to be going through. We need to break through those problems to get to the next level.

For example, I remember a couple years ago I used to write out each morning that I would do twenty thousand dollars a week online. A few years back the other day I didn’t know how I’d actually achieve it, but I had faith in there I knew that if I keep learning kept in the processes that it was achievable.

Every morning I’d write that out and I’m doing my journaling in, and reflective reflection on the day and I say “OK I’m going to do $20,000 a week and $20,000 a week”, just over two years it has seemed like a huge number.

Then what happens if you persist with it you find the skills you find the products and you keep going. Things don’t work you keep going things don’t work you get setbacks. Stock says missing there’s legal issues but you keep going through it. And then what happens is that you get some momentum and then some good news will come.

I remember for me as well my breakthrough products and then I smashed through that mark a couple of years back. If you look back on that now if I didn’t achieve that mark on a weekly basis I’d be really disappointed. Think what’s going on what’s going on here what’s happened the sales are really low. How do we fix it was two years ago someone said you could achieve that level you’d be going wow that’s fantastic and I’m not saying this to impress you.

It more about impressing upon you that it’s the vision that you need to have in the and you need to keep is a real driver here for Amazon in terms of getting the strategies the tools. There’s so many people signing books there’s YouTube videos which you probably go through will take a long time to learn but there’s so much information out there that if you invest in a specialist they initiate the tools and techniques. Due to this you will not only learn how to sell on Amazon but different ways of Amazon Product Listing Optimization and procedures to engage and increase customers.

They’ll actually show you this is the way you do it. And if you follow probably 90 percent of the courses the people will the experts out there probably 90 percent of them are good and have the right intentions you have the success if you stick to it. It doesn’t mean that you may get your first product, you may miss one part of it and it could be over controlled could be a external factor.

I know the factory goes bankrupt or your products are holed up in shipping that there are external ones he can’t control but the things you can control is your mindset and how you react to the events. So, with this one here giving the right person on-board they should see it the right way but that doesn’t always guarantee success.

Things do happen so you really want to have that tenacity and that commitment to keep going when things aren’t going right when you launch a product you get the sales aren’t what I expected. So, then what you do. You look at it and you review it. What can I tweak what can I improve? Okay! maybe the conversion rate is not right. Okay, so the conversion rate is often related to imagery. Let’s review the imagery.

Go through the imagery two weeks later review to get all your images updated. Does this work? Okay my conversions are up great so I’ve sorted that out. But you know what my session aren’t there they are not getting the sales I want. Okay so what was the bases your sessions how many eyeballs are looking at. Well that’s often about traffic where your rankings are. Guess what I can do to get my rankings up.

So you go up and then you increase your PPC or some external traffic. Great. A month later fix month versions of some traffic in is still not where I want to be but again get some good sales and then maybe the competitor runs our stock. And then you get lots of sales and then you went out of stock . Well I’ve got the cells I want to have run our stock now when I go back to the bottom of the listings how to get my listings back up.

Then you have to go back to the factory to order it ship it back in and you get through the process again. And the second time you go through take a great or know how to fix my conversion they’re good My sessions are better but now I’m down the bottom the rankings I have to do a launch again. So, you put your money to launch your back the top and you’ve got a better idea about your shipping and you say okay I can plan for my shipping and this may take three or six months back and forth to find out what happens. So, these seller tips and procedures will help you about selling on Amazon.

Yes, you may find that she has this product sitting having the manufacturing run. Unfortunately, there’s a whole bunch of defects and I’m really stuffed these products right off. I can either go back to manufacture and try sort out with them or have to start over again and things like that could happen you may have done a quality check product ending up in Amazon or the issues and you have to start over again. So, product quality check and Amazon product optimization is important.

But the key thing here I want to stress is that persistence and tenacity need to keep going. There’s definitely huge opportunity on Amazon is by far the most success I’ve had in any online sales and indefinite in terms of automation be able to run a business where 90 percent of it’s automated and you have staff that run it is amazing competitor traditional e-commerce. We have a warehouse or someone’s garage.

It’s got huge potential there but at the same time there is competition and it’s building up a lot more now than it was five years ago. Five years ago, who literally slept on the Amazon in a poly bag and it would sell. But now people are weight to it and there is competition. But the good thing is it’s still growing massively per year.

Amazon in the US,1 in every $2 was spent on e-commerce retail is on Amazon. So, if you own that place then you’re in excellent position. And I’d always recommend to get educated in this place if you’re a business work with an expert. Most of the businesses that are doing at a minimum six figures online which is not much for business six figures normally has some sort of help and when the businesses are doing that sort of seven figure plus once they get over to me they have a dedicated staff member or an expert like in consulting company that they work with to improve it.

If an individual makes sure you get the right education even if it’s just getting the latest books on it spend the money worth the investment. I know some of the online courses are expensive. So get all the help you are looking for how to sell on Amazon.

We can work with the coach directly, get some specialist training say know what you’re after. When I started out years ago there wasn’t many online courses as mainly just some books on eBay some videos, I just plan through everything and it made such a difference and the real differences that I had was when I had some coaches. I still work with coaches and experts, Amazon coaches, but only doing the eight figures plus.

Each time you work with them you still get some great ideas insights about wow I never thought of that. That’s a great thing and once you get that sort of level success it’s about that. How do I keep innovating? How do I keep improving and keep expanding my range but to get that level first got to keep at it? You got to work out what’s working what’s not working and how to turn around and that’s what today’s about and how to boost sales on Amazon.

It was a little different to normal is more about the mindset and the tenacity and consistency and persistence that you need if you do stick at it. Amazon’s amazing channel you can change your life. It can absolutely make a difference to your business and it’s something we highly recommend.

If you need help with your Amazon success your business and want to learn ways about how to sell on Amazon then reach out to us peter@coachamz.com, even if you’re an individual were always happy to help. We are working in more larger companies now and we love seeing businesses and individuals succeed online.

So, guys thanks for the time today. If you are some value or even a lot of this you like to leave an honest review head over to iTunes and makes the world a difference and would really appreciate.

So, my name is Peter.

Have a great day and take action and keep at it.

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