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Today we talk about the foundations on Amazon success… The right product selection.

Selecting the right product rarely starts with a home run from day 1. You will need persistence and some trial and error as mistakes will be made.

I found a box of samples I had sold or tested when clearing out the warehouse the other week and came across 20 – 30 different products we once sold or tested… I was amazed at how much I had tried until getting sales success.

In hindsight a lot was due to not knowing what to focus on and how to build a brand…. Partly because I didn’t get the right training from day one.
The other big insight was the need to:

    • • Focus on a niche you know about
    • • Focus on product niches with sales of $20,000-50,000 per month (initially I was going too small)
    • • Make sure you have amazing imagery as people buy with their eyes


Check out the picture below of all the products we have tested or sold

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