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This weeks episode is about the fastest way to increase your Amazon FBA sales.

Your Amazon sales are determined by 2 levers

  • •  Sessions (how many visitors to your listing)
  • •  Unit Session % (i.e. how people buy when viewing your listing)

Hence to increase your sales you can either get more traffic to your listing or improve the percentage of visitors who turn into buyers.

A simple example is

  1. You get 100 visitors per day
  2. Your unit session % is 10%
  3. Hence get 10 sales per day

If your product sells for $30, then you sell $300 per day/ $2,100 per week.

Now if you can achieve a small increase of moving your conversion rate from 10% to 15%, then your sales will go from 10 to 15 a day which is the same as going from $2,100 per week to $3,885

(i.e. you have just increased your sales by 50%)

Now the golden question….

How do you do this

Well that’s what we discuss today and the fastest way we find to achieve this is through imagery

We run through the 3 style of photo’s needed

  1. Product
  2. Product in use
  3. Lifestyle photo’s

As a bonus we also explore multi-buying strategies which really give you conversion rate a big boost


[00:23] How do I Increase my Sales

[02:14] How do you Increase Converions on Amazon

[02:43] Understanding Target Persona

[06:00] Images to Improve Conversion

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****** Full Podcast Transcription below *******

Episode 25

Hey guys welcome to coach AMZ’s episode today and it’s a topic about how do I increase my sales. What’s the quickest way to increase my sales on Amazon.

And it’s a question that I get asked a lot. It’s a really simple answer and that’s why going around through today. If I had to spend one hour with someone to give me the insights of somebody already selling on Amazon and then it’s uplifting so well and talk through is how you get that increase.

So, if you’re an Amazon seller or you’re going to get on Amazon there’s two things that determine how many sales come into your business. First one is sessions, how many people visited your listing and the second one is conversion rates, how many people actually click on it and buy.

So, if you look that sessions just say you have 100 people on your listing and your conversion rate is 10 percent. That means 10 out of 100 people buy it. So just say 100 sessions a day, 10 percent conversion of your products, thirty dollars, each week you may get two thousand so it’s 100,000-dollar product per year.

Now this scenario assumes that your listing got 10-15 reviews and you get sessions already. What we are going to talk about is how to increase this conversion rate. So, conversion rate is as I just mentioned many people come in and buy it and at a minimum you want your benchmark to be around 15 percent. That’s what we aim for on our business, customers to be at that 15 percent mark and let people come in there at 5 or 10 percent. So, they end the traffic. But not in the conversion rate.

So I would say to somebody if you want to get a 50 percent increase within six months the fastest way to do it is increase your conversion rate. So, if you’re 10 percent at the moment if you increase that 15 percent to any 5 percent increase in conversion rate they’ll actually give you a 50 percent increase in sales.

So instead of selling 10 every day for 100 sessions that 10 percent and you sold 10 units if you rise up by 5 percent. So, you get 15 you’ve actually added 50 percent onto your sales. That’s what I want to focus on today, how do you increase your conversions on Amazon.

So, from our experience and on the assumption that you have the right key words.

So, one reason people have some way of their conversion rates is they’re just tagging the wrong keywords. So, for example they are selling steak knives and people who want button knives are going there or it’s only some stainless-steel steak knives and you get people coming who just want to steak knife off. So, you now make sure first of all that the traffic that is coming in is the right target.

So, when to do that, make sure you thorough understand your target persona, your target persona is who is your ideal customer. Describe that person. Who are they and what search terms they put into Amazon to find your product.

So, once you know what they’re searching for, you want to make sure they’re the keyword you put into your listing, in the search terms description everywhere this takes. And that’s what we don’t recommend, keyword stuffing or words that are not applicable.

The reason being you may just be putting stuff that just gets the traffic and not converting it at a high rate. What happens is Amazon’s algorithm actually look at your conversion rate and if your conversion rates are low they’re going to say, why should we give this business high real sales. Why should we put them on page one at the top, it’s not converting and it makes sense.

If you look at a bricks and mortar business and you have a product that for every person that comes in every 10, 5 people buy it. We put that product right at the front of your store. Say more people say if you’re a product that have every template becoming and one people buy it and put that at the back of the store.

So, Amazon is very conscious of your conversion rate. So, it’s why when you look at the key words in your traffic you want to make sure that you are pulling in the right traffic. You may be in a lot of sessions and a low conversion rate you are pulling in the wrong traffic.

The first thing to do is to know who your target persona, getting in their shoes and work out what words would describe to search for your product and make sure you get the right customers coming to your products. That’s a very foundation baseline.

Once you get that in place the most key ingredient for increasing your conversions, and this is assuming you got a good number of reviews and it’s from above 4000 or above and the price is competitive. Once you get those two elements in next is your imagery.

Now people often overlook imagery and think Oh just put up some images and had that view probably two or three years ago. And it wasn’t about two years ago that we really focus on improving the imagery and some the results we had got blew our mind and how much you increase your conversion.

I went to see some products on Amazon and also, I thought it to be a great opportunity, I’m not selling much. You look at the imagery and they’ve taken that time. It’s a bad background. You barely see what the product is its low quality. And people are going to buy a product.

It’s the first experience I have in it is a really low-quality image. It shows you haven’t even taken time to put in the effort to make a great image and people often assume you haven’t taken that time. How can I even go down the path of buying your product? Now I have no faith and on the quality of your product.

And also, if someone’s got a really bad image and need someone else to get a product very similar they got images that can describe it. There’s no way they’re going to go on their listing.

So, the absolute minimum you need professional photos taken not done yourself and you need them all say tossed up in photoshop.

So, the key ingredient if you to put on products in them is on you know a three types and images. The very first image, Amazon has strict rules about must be your product on a white background. Not the key logos benefits anything else in the first image is has to be the product not using models or props of it self in a white background. The reason I do that is so it’s more comparable to other products.

That’s only really rule that I have in terms of the way that money means the rest of the images you put up there you know or tops of fancy things with it. So, when go through and handspring content today which you need to be brain rested for. But that is something that I recommend you looking up into a podcasting feature that’s a second part about it. It’s only going to be about the images you need.

So, three types of images you need to really improve the conversion rate is the product itself and in use photo and the lifestyle photos. So, what that really means is the first one is the actual product so you can actually see what the product does how it works. Very basic front main image, high quality. The next one you need is the in use and lifestyle products. So, in use if you go to steak knives it is actually the steak knives being used to actually relate to.

The reason you do this is to boot up emotion of what it’s thought to have that product. With Amazon allows some listings they have videos, but majority can’t. And what you need to do the injuries tell a story to get people excited about your product get an emotional connection so they’re more likely to buy your product over someone else.

So these products if you are a steak knife you need the product being used in that scenario and maybe in a kitchen. You show  the quality of the blade the handle maybe cutting up some thick steak and others are recommended and infographics around it. Such as maybe a Blade’s got an extra strong stainless steel handle and they the handle has been made

It’s really great for far really good benefits to say why we should use these product over the competition. Then you also have another image of out its size, the dimensions or weight. All the things that people might ask a question about that answers straight away we had to having it through the listings.

So, if your products got rainfall’s handles and you know that ring handles breaking steak knives are the issue then you put that is when the benefits like rainfall’s handle to last and for a lifetime guarantee and you really want to tell a story as quickly as possible and imagery rather than text.

Because there’s two types of people one is image based and one takes spice when it comes to purchasing. So, if you actually put text images on the cover of that market and it’s much quicker to those customers.

So you get your product photo then your in use photo. The third photo is the lifestyle one. So how can you take that target cast and look who’s your target customer for your steak knives is that the professional chef he’s going to use in a restaurant is it the person that home uses it in the kitchen or is it like a bob going off on weekends for Bob. Who you’ll get who your target person is? and then put an image associated with it.

So, if you are selling to the commercial up and customers you’d have a different image to someone who’s on the at home market. So, you have to work it out. So when you go that imagery there, they can actually see almost sure these steak knives maybe for people who like to do a tiny dinner parties at home, they want high quality knives and they have a great photo of everyone around the kitchen laughing and using the steak knives.

So, when someone comes on they go, yeah! that’s exactly what I want and have my friends around with laughing and on I come up the center attention or I’m saving up a really good meal and it does take some effort to do these.

So, some of these ones you actually need to hire models and a professional photographer and the need to get people in and set it on a lot of the time. If you have a really good graphic designer then they can do the photo shopping around it.

What I recommend is if you do get the photoshop in, do not use a corporate photo, they still aren’t right. Really look for authentic photos that match the lifestyle image.

So, once you get those three types of images in and it will take time and money you may have to spend up to anywhere from like 5-6-7 up to a thousand dollars to get these images done. But it pays for it so very quickly even from that 10 percent conversion to 15 percent just by updating your images.

So that example I talked about before you got 100 customers a day visiting 10 people buy it for $30. That’s a $2,100 product a week or about $100,000 a year just by spending a thousand dollars in an awesome imagery and going from a 10 percent conversion to 15 percent then that will go from about 100,000 dollars a year to 150,000 so that $1000 will spend on imageries at a very small cost.

What you need to do is, although the imageries are good try to rotate them and see which ones convert the best there is some software you can use that automate these. But what I do recommend is to do it on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Rotate the images and see which ones and in which order they get the best conversion and then stick to that order. So, what I find is by doing it that way you don’t really get a big difference in conversions.

So, I always hope that got a good session today. Its my daughter that come in, have to wrap it up.

Guys, hope that it is a big help.

Conversions are the way to go. Imageries are great.

Anyone who is selling business then reach out to us. Thanks.


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