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Today I had the opportunity to review a number of listings for some clients to determine why they weren’t the top seller.

It became obvious very quickly, what the guys doing $100,000+ per month for a single product were doing versus those doing a few thousands….

It could be summed up by

1. Optimized Keywords
2. Number and rating of reviews
3. Imagery quality

So if you want to be a seller of a product doing over $50,000 or $100,000 via Amazon FBA, then listen on or get the cheat notes below

1. Optimized keywords: it’s simple
a. Use a tool like merchantwords.com to find the top traffic keywords
b. Use Amazon advertising tools like PPC as a way to find the top converting words
c. Add the keywords into your title and bullet points (but make sure it doesn’t read Spammy

2. Number and rating of reviews
a. You must be 4 star or above, otherwise your conversion rate will crash
b. Use automated email tools like feedback5.com to maximise 5 star reviews
c. Plan strategies to reduce negative reviews such as use of product inserts

3. Product imagery—- A MUST to use
a. Product, Product in use, and Lifestyle imagery
b. Or check out this post episode


[01:29] Ranking Keyword

[02:42] Number of Reviews vs. Quality of Review

[04:50] Imagery

[06:17] Enhanced Brand Content

[07:25] Smart Selling Tactic

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****** Full Podcast Transcription below *******

Episode 26

Hi Guys! Welcome to Coach AMZ and today we are going to talk about this experience I had. This afternoon whereas reviewing some potential clients’ listings who we may be working with, and there is a thought to be great to share with you, because after about an hour and a half of reviewing listings I sent a notice a very common theme between top sellers and sellers not doing as well. It became pretty obvious on a few criteria in terms of ranking and key words, the number of reviews and quality imagery and enhanced brand content and it across those four criteria.

Guys who are selling two and a half thousand dollars a week, it was chalk and cheese compared to guys selling $50,000 a week and some of those I’m sorry a month and some of those selling one hundred fifty thousand dollars a month there was a direct correlation in how well they performed on those four criteria and their sales.

So, I thought well this is pretty cool stuff I’ll might share with the guys in the world out there. And so, going only through those four criteria and what I notice the guys who are doing 50,000 plus per month with their products what they were doing and the smaller guys who are selling maybe one guy was in 10,000 a month. But the guys doing 10 dollars a month what their listings were like.

So, I’ll break it down to those four categories the first one is ranking keywords. It may sound obvious but the guys who were doing $50,000 a month were all on page one and one of the guys doing two and a half thousand dollars a month was on page 5 and that sounds pretty obvious. It is that unless you’re ranking on the top page of Amazon for the top keywords then you don’t really have much of a chance of being a top successful seller.

We are going to the reasons are how you get the strategy how you’re on page 1 on this podcast, but this is more of an observation and it sounds obvious. But even on page 1 for key words then you’re not going to be in the big traffic border notes around that is the top guys had very well optimized keywords and titles against the most traffic keywords.

Seeking new tools out there such as Merchant words, we go then I’ll show you an approximate traffic per keyword and the top guys or had all the keywords in the listings and the guys in low ones were missing. Some really obvious ones and that sounds like a basic thing to do. But those are first thing that we notice straight away is that some of the listings that weren’t doing that well were just in the fundamentals wrong they weren’t living in their own home reviewing all the key words and get them in the right spot.

So, there’s a very first thing that sounds obvious but we noticed the second thing what we found was the number of reviews and the quality of the reviews as correlation between those and sales. So obviously the guys in $150,000 a month, I think it had six thousand reviews and the guy doing two and a half thousand a month had eight reviews.

It sounds pretty obvious but the bit that change was in the medium ground and the guys we were doing around at fifty thousand dollars a month some had only 150 reviews and some had much more. And what we found is that the guys with the higher reviews tended to have a higher star review. They may have had six hundred reviews at four point seven compared with four hundred fifty reviews a four point three.

The reason I say this is that these guys who had the better reviews, sorry the higher reviews number and high-quality reviews it looks like they had strategy in place to make sure they had an email sequence to encourage five-star reviews. And I’m assuming that they had something off line to discourage one two three star of reviews something they may have had the inserts or some other strategy.

They said Look guys if there’s anything wrong contact us directly we’ll fix it up no questions asked. We want to be happy rather than going through to Amazon and leaving a bad review. And that was interesting because the closer you got to five star reviews the closer you get to five stars.

So, 4.74 – 4.8 the higher revenue that was, being had then exceptions for these was when people had 10 reviews and normally people who got ten reviews are just friends and buddies who have done it. So, there’s definitely correlation between the quality of your review like the highwater 5 and yourself and also the number of use. The reason I say that is it’s really important that you put in place a strategy to get your 5-star reviews but that’s the easy part the hard part is stop in the 1-2-3-star reviews so you’ll have a strategy in place to stop those.

There’s a few ways to go about it, inserts are one the most common ones and it’s just stops at Flat end space. So, it was an interesting insight. Probably the most glaringly obvious one of them all and go about this each week was imagery, that the product selling $150,000 a month that we reviewed the imagery is chalk and cheese compared to guys who are about $10,000 not too different to the 50,000 guys but the lowest sellers weren’t even in the ballpark.

The main difference is they’ve got the 3 product photos out, they got the product photo the product news photo and a lifestyle photo. And just look at those images and regardless of what the product is you felt so much more aligned to that product than the other ones we were reviewing.

One of the categories we were reviewing today for some clients was coffee and with the coffee, I couldn’t tell which one I had these coffees before, which one tasted better which one would have liked more. But looking at the imagery straight away guys do 150,000 dollars a month or so much more inclined to buy their product, that much more information about it so much more about the benefits exactly how to use it.

Happy people doing it. The other ones they just had some boring products of the packaging and they are captured on a table and it was chalk and cheese and I know I’m along about this a lot.

But imageries are the fastest way increase your sales if you are in your sales in one month the fastest thing to do is not ranking, it is launching its own keywords it’s improving your imagery to get a conversion rate from 10 percent to 15 percent conversion. You increase your sales by 50 percent and imagery is a fastest way to do that.

What we noticed with that as well is that anyone doing pretty much 10,000 above or had enhanced brand content and that sort of makes sense because enhanced brand content you didn’t need the trademark to get that in a couple of other things and Amazon’s put in Handspring content in order to protect the brands but also allow listings to tell a better story and enhanced brand content is once you scroll down below the bullet point makes a big area. There’s images and there’s text on that and it really tells you more about the company and all the great things rather than just limit to the bullet point.

The reason that’s a common factor is often the guys just doing a few thousand dollars a month per product, they’re not really established businesses. They may still be doing it from the home or somewhere else and they haven’t really got the infrastructure set up right to do it in place. But we find that enhance brand content is something you should really look at from day one.

Did the trademark registered in the US let’s set 250 bucks? It is a fairly quick process takes about three months and it’s something that makes a huge difference. One good thing it does protect your brand if you try get hijacked. It’s hard for people to change your listing if it’s got brand rashly but we always recommend it to tell your vendors of enhanced brand content.

The final thing that we noticed but wasn’t consistent across the selling, is some smart selling tactics such as using reduced pricing so you got that price for the strikethrough. Such as the manufacture recommended price than the sale price or coupon codes. Tick boxes coupon code yet tails off or imagery about multi purchase buying improved conversion rates.

There were some three things that we noticed but there wasn’t a consistency of people using them so what we realize is you don’t really need those to be successful. To be successful on Amazon as a whole much more than what I talked about. But these were just the bare basics and fundamentals that we noticed across a lot of listings a day for the guys doing the six figures a month for many guys doing five figures a month compared to guys doing below 10,000.

So, guys that’s was a quick episode this week but I want to give some value out there or until you look at the fundamentals you get right to help your listings to take you from that fourth out from the low thousands to 10 thousand to six figures a month.

So, guys hope this adds value this is something that you’ve got some benefit of. We’d always appreciate a review if you pop over to iTunes if you are out there and you got an Amazon business you want some ideas about it. Look I love to talk to you guys. Our whole business about helping people succeed on Amazon especially helping businesses take their sales next level. And if you’re a business and like to talk with some experts then feel free to reach out to us our emails in the in the podcast.

Thanks guys.

Have a great day.


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