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Today we are getting our hands dirty with advanced techniques in Amazon split testing.

This isn’t the foundation work when first getting started and shouldn’t be a focus until you are getting consistent sales every week.

What today is about…. Testing specific images, titles, bullet points to boost your conversion rates

So why do this?

Improving your conversion rate is the fastest way to boost sales

If you are currently at 10% conversion rate and can move it to 15% by split testing, then you have a 50% increase in sales.

So let’s begin…


[00:28] Amazon Algorithm

[00:43] Maintaining Sales

[01:39] Use of a Software

[02:00] Testing your Imagery

[06:23] Amazon Ranking


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****** Full Podcast Transcription below *******

Episode 31

We talk all things Amazon speaking with Amazon FBA Expert from around the world to help you grow and build your Amazon business. Hey guys today we’re going to talk about a more advanced strategy when selling on Amazon to really get your sales rocking and offer you the best Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

We normally talk about the basics what the fundamentals are what are the strategies to initially get launched on Amazon because that’s one of key things the Amazon algorithm is very basic. It pretty much comes down to you in sales and a good conversion rate low refunds. Then you stick to the top of Amazon. So we took a lot of strategies when you’re launching how to get at the top because that’s where a lot of people starting out. But once you have good sales, what activity do to make sure you stay there?

So the obvious one is your PPC which is your advertising as we talked about that before. But the other one is the key task you can do is test your imagery. According to our Amazon FBA Expert find that imagery is one the highest determinants of your conversion rate, assuming you have a number of reviews or are four plus and your enough reviews for social proof you’re not talking about five reviews be enough reviews or social proof you’re both four stars. Imagery is a huge part of your conversion rate and the great news is there is software that makes it super easy for you. So you can go in and test images upload them same time see what they like but unless you get a statistically significant answer then you can’t actually guarantee that it’s correct.

So instead you actually need to have a certain amount of impressions a certain amount clicks certain amount of conversion to actually guarantee from a statistical point of view that it works. So I recommend in this case to use software. Get our amazing Amazon Seller Consulting Services. The great thing about the software automate the whole process you test something to test your profit points your imageries your titles all these different aspects to really fine tune you’re listing.

I really recommend this, once you’re selling well on Amazon and doing the good Amazon Product Listing Optimization with Amazon Listing Optimization Service because of the fine she beats these gets you incremental sales is an foundation work but this is really important stuff to make sure once you do have a good ranking, how to stay at the top there. What we will look at today’s imagery more imagery so important because if you’re at a convergence of maybe 10 percent which is below benchmark we aim from 15. If you’re at 10 percent anything you conversions up to 15 percent you’ve made a 50 percent increase in sales.

Now sounds crazy that’s a huge number increasing sales by 50 percent just by looking at one metric. So in a look at today’s how do you actually test the different images and how does it work. So what I suggest is get your main image and do a variation on it. So whatever your main image is do a variation on a different angle a different way of the picture being presented.

Just a warning, Amazon is really cracking down on this we tested this last week with an image against the Terms of Service for Amazon for main image is just the main product white background a 85 percent of space it’s not going to have any other props logos anything like that included in it. We put a prop in as part of the image and I’m not sure if someone complained in Amazon or Amazon picked it up, but they gave us a warning saying please remove this if it’s not it’s another one. Then your account will be delisted.

So we changed it straight away. And I think this was reported Amazon found this one is at the moment just before September 11th through a number of categories and making sure that the images are tidied up so they’re going through those I’m sure there’s an automated software. So just be careful when you do this. They definitely really cracking down on the main image. Your other images you have what you want in terms of logos models aspects or that type of great stuff. But the main one is definitely cracking down.

So regardless of that you take your main image think of a variation from it and try to add a different angle different lighting just so when someone looks at it looks different from the other image. And the main thing you have to consider is you can’t have your images same as some of the competitors because it’s going to happen. They’ll appear under the same keyword search.

And if competitor has more reviews or a lower price they’re going to click on that when the image is the same. So when the key fundamentals of this is that your main image must be different to the competition can’t be the same. And that means you have to buy different color or you shoot at a different angle. It has to be different so when someone looks down the brain doesn’t go same.

On your brand it will be, same different and you’re different want to click it on. So what you do is you get two images and you need some software like solidify as really basic to use your log in. The cheapest one is about 50 bucks a month and they’ve got all these options like profit peak, testing the various testing images the descriptions are titles but today we are going to get the images.

So we do select a product. You go in there you have your main image and then you upload a variant which is different images, or things one in the face. And what happens is you click Start and Amazon will run the test and the your sales, the test can take anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks in terms of working it out. What will happen is at the end of it you say okay we actually found that this image performed better than this image. And if your original image performed better great you keep it if your new image performed better then use that one.

You will actually see what increase the conversion rates how it impacted sales are what uplift you got. That is the sort of based line when you do that than once you’ve done that then you’re in another test. So which ever one to the winner in the images then you upload a new image to a variation and do the test again. So you could do this two or three times until you really find the top image that’s converting the best in terms of your image is updated.

You can easily get help from our Amazon Listing Optimization Service too. I’m not a graphic designer and none on my team is but what we do is we just got contacts and you get an image updated. But the cheapest you can probably get them for on Upwork about ten dollars. The qualities may be hit or miss round 25 dollars you get a good job of 40 they’re sort of like the peak.

The best in the field at updating an image assuming you’ve got all the existing images and it creating a brand new from scratch one they’re sort of altering something you already got with high quality photos. So for about 25 bucks you can run a test to find out what’s converting better and what’s not. This is really important because people will go to Amazon they put their product up there and they say I’m not getting sales on what’s going on and there’s so many things you can do to improve that.

But the key ones is actually saying to people I actually like the images is attracting people. You may think is great. Some people say I actually can’t work out what is from that and what I don’t know what the product is. This one the really important steps. Once you get to that medium level once you get your sales base lined out to see what’s working.

Look if you’re not getting sales at all normally it’s not the image that’s causing problems because you’re not in sales you’re not ranked. Get the help from Amazon Seller Consulting Services. Usually people start out their main their main issues ranking then on the first page and then on the first page not found.

And if you’re on the top three then you’re logging clicks cause 65 percent of sales on Amazon now mobile and of that about 70 percent of the clicks of the top three. So pretty much you’re not get any sales at all. It’s not me your ranking pages once you’ve got your rankings and good sell through. How do you tweak it how do you optimize it on going.

So it was a quick one today. Hope that helped comes the focus. That image is so important as we have a great talk with Amazon FBA Expert. Definitely keep tweaking these things as much in your listings up there and improve it to optimize it to make it great. We recommend once you become the top seller in the field. So once you get that sort of 67 percent sales in field you sort of cut back on the tweaking because you don’t get to a point where you say 67 percent and then you lose it ranking it’s really hard to get back when you get 67 percent of the market share you’re really dominating and won’t always have some market you can get there until you to that point keep tweaking keep seeing what’s working and the images through split testing is a great way to do it.

So guys keep selling Amazon with the help of our Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

Have a great time take action and enjoy your day.

Speak to an Expert today to evaluate your Amazon Seller Strategy and Identify Key Growth areas.

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