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Product variations play a crucial role in maximizing your product sales and more importantly, aggregating your product reviews

If you are selling products with variation such as t-shirt sizes, food sizes etc it makes sense to use  variation as:

  1. Aggregates sales volume into a single listing that boosts your Amazon ranking
  2. Aggregates your product reviews to build social proof.


There are few situations where I don’t recommend using variations such as a similar product (e.g. a Kids educational toy, that has different number of pieces, though the output or end use is different) as this will affect your key word searching and customer experience.

So what should you do?

99% of the time use variations where there is a natural fit for variations such as sizes, weights etc.

It boosts your Amazon ranking and aggregates your reviews that improves conversion rates.



[00:21] Variation

[00:45] What is a variation?

[01:23] Why you should use a variation

[03:48] Creating variation

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