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Being a business that sells on Amazon FBA or just starting your first brand, it’s easy to be seduced by the sexy nature of sales…

Why – because you hear claims of “I sold $100,000 in my first 3 months on Amzon” or “our business is doing over $267,000 per month” through Amazon.

These sound great but in business Cashflow, not revenue or profit is King.

You can be selling millions per month, but if have bad terms with your supplier and cashflow shortages, you are in deep trouble.

So today we talk about how to bridge this gap and actually get Amazon to pay you….


Yep – if you are a seller on Amazon, I am 99% sure they will be owing you money for lost or damaged goods that they have not correctly reimbursed you for.

Don’t get me wrong

Amazon usually reimbursements fairly quickly and do their best, though even if you are just selling $10,000 per week, I am pretty confident by listening to this podcast you will be able to claim back over $1,000 in missing reimbursements


[01:11] Understanding the logistics

[02:50] Inventory

[04:20] Check your Inventory

[06:03] Product Reconciliation

[07:23]Tools that can be used

[09:14] Start a process
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