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The most powerful tool to generate immediate sales on Amazon is Pay Per Click Advertising (aka Campaign Manager).

This is the fastest way to

•get instant ranking
•find out what terms convert
•build sales and grow your ranking

I sometimes hear businesses say “I’ve been burnt by Amazon advertising” and that’s often due to a strategy not being developed or they get hits with high costs after 2 weeks and stop.

So how do you succeed on by an Amazon Advertising SuperStar?

We use a 3 tier approach and outlined the basic concept below

Month 1 – data research where costs are high
Month 2 – implement best converting terms to boost ROI
Month 3 – on-going, data and reinvest in ROI
So how do you actually implement this?

Month 1:
• start 3 campaigns with purpose of data mining. Costs will be high, but this is your research phase
• Campaign 1 Auto, Campaign 2 Manual, Campaign 3 Exact

Month 2:
• Find the best converting terms from Auto campaign and copy into Exact campaign
• Find the best converting terms from Manual campaign and copy into Exact campaign
• Turn off auto campaign
• Put negative exact for poor converting terms in manual campaign

Month 3
• Follow process in Month 2 with new data to get find new gems of keywords that sell
• Your exact camapaign is the money maker and your ACOS should be under 30% by end of month 3 and aim for 20-25% ACOS from month 4 onwards
Even this high level overview is getting a little techie but it WORKS and bring in sales

[01:20] Generate Sales through PPC

[03:23] Basics of PPC

[03:57] Creating your PPC

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