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Selling on Amazon has really changed since I started out in 2013. Back then you could just find profitable products, list them and sales would come in.

Now the market demands more and to be successful on Amazon, you need to build a brand. The reason a brand is so important now is competition is so much stronger now whereas 4 years ago, it took much less to stand out from the competition


Business realizes the importance of how Amazon is a friend and additional sales channel and not a competitor (and hence the massive move to sellers on the Amazon channel).  A recent survey said that 72% of businesses believe that Amazon will help their sales.

Building a brand is great if you want to have longevity and build raving fans. A brand really helps your business as it allows you to:

  • • Charge a premium price
  • • Build a presence outside Amazon
  • • Easier to exit or sell the business
  • • Create a complimentary sales

If you are really serious in building your Amazon business, and want to scale it to a 6 or 7 figure businesses, you really need to consider building a brand


In building your brand you first need to consider your niche something you would like to specialize in. Focus on something that you can be an expert in or something you love doing. A great way to start is to find what you’re passionate about and confirm Amazon has a demand for it.

Choosing a product that is in your niche makes it much easier for you to be an expert in that area. It will be much easier for you when you are testing your products.

Once you have chosen a product, you will need to add your brand to it.

The easiest way to do this is go to fiverr (fiverr.com) and find somebody who can build a logo and a product packaging that is quite cheap.

Once you have a great logo and packaging made, you share this with your supplier and now you have an awesome branded product!!!


Once you have decided on your brand, you need to focus on building in your social assets. Building social assets adds credibility for your brand and an avenue to build an email list.

In terms of social media asset you need for your Amazon brand, at a minimum you need to build a Facebook page.

The good news is it’s easy to build it, add content and share it. A Facebook page also allows you to start doing lead capture, build some ads with some coupons and start building your email list.

Other social media assets are:

  • • Youtube
  • • Twitter
  • • Website


Now that you have your awesome product and social media assets are created, you are now ready to build in your list.


[01:20] – Importance of a Brand

[04:19] – How to build a brand

[07:05] – Build Social Assets

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****** Full Podcast Transcription below *******

Episode 4

Hi and welcome to another artcle of Coach AMZ where we talk all things on Amazon speaking with Amazon FBA Expert from around the world to help grow and build your Amazon business. Hey! Hey! Welcome back to the coach AMZ podcast. And today were going to talk about one of my favorite topics and that’s about building a brand. The game has really changed on Amazon since it first came out and when I first started getting started which was a few years back.

The main difference is that now the market on Amazon has move to building a brand probably up to two years ago but definitely four years ago. There’s no need to build a brand. You go on Amazon do your product criteria search find a product list it and the sales flow. And the reason is there wasn’t so much competition two years ago compared to now and four years ago there was much less. This meant that the game wasn’t like it is now. It wasn’t as competitive.

So, you could really go on their scroll through find that product and sometimes you didn’t even really need to make any variations to it. You just need to test it. Great sign at Amazon get some good pictures done a great Amazon Product Listing Optimization turn on campaign manager and you begin sales straight away. It was really that easy but what’s happened now is that Amazon has wised up to this.

A lot of businesses are getting onto Amazon and are interested in Amazon Seller Consulting Services. I was just reading this week that in a CNBC survey that 72 percent of businesses believe that Amazon will help their business sales through Amazon Listing Optimization Service and that’s in America alone.

So, 72 percent of people they’re saying are thinking of getting on Amazon or they use Amazon Seller Consulting Services currently to boost their sales. It just means it’s got more competitive which is a good thing for a lot of people. It means the lazy people the people don’t have a structure. He just wants to get quick, you get rich overnight, won’t be successful. It’s more for people who are into the long play. And when you buy that long play I actually have a greater success and long-term sustainability which is what you’re really after.

You know someone will launch a product it spikes for three months and it falls flat. You really want to build up a brand, build that longevity, and build raving fans and that’s what I love about building a brand on Amazon. And some of the reasons you really want to build a brand is the first one is with a brand actually charge a premium price. If you are a generic product with no branding pull and pay more for that but you actually have a brand and product that looks special with some added benefits you can always charge a premium for that.

You’d also leverage social media with your brand. You actually build a presence off Amazon your own web site or social media tools that can drive you a traffic to Amazon, and that really helps with the Amazon algorithm. With a brand it is also easy for you when you want to exit the business. If you want to sell the business in one to three years’ time, if you’re a brand in a niche with complementary products is much easier sell with our Amazon Listing Optimization Service. People like that, because you get the synergies on your social media. Usually, one account focusing on that brand you won’t have multiple different products that aren’t related.

And lastly with the brand when the real benefit is yet complementary sales, notes with Amazon down the bottom it actually says people who also bought this. So, if you’re selling yoga mats and you sell yoga blocks then it’s really obvious that when someone buys it often your product will appear on the bottom saying people also bought this. So, when someone buys a yoga mat then there’s a good chance that also by your yoga blocks so you get that natural increase in compliments sales. So that’s what’s really important to build a brand.

I had a mentor only 12 months ago and even back then was this sort of no don’t worry about a brand just get products out there that sell. But if you’re serious about building a real Amazon business and getting past that seven-figure number you need to build a brand for which you need to check out our Amazon Listing Optimization Service.

If you just want to have random products you can easily build up to a six-figure business. No problem, even mid six figures with random products but if you just scale it your past seven figures and really get some freedom in lifestyle. We have a team of Amazon FBA Expert underneath you or operate in the business and help out in Amazon Product Listing Optimization and you’re a business owner not a business operator then you really need to consider building a brand with our proper Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

So, how do you how do you launch a brand? How do you build that? The first thing is that you want to find a niche and specialize in it in order to a proper Amazon Product Listing Optimization that will help you in your future goals. You don’t want to go why? You want to focus on niche where you can become the expert and sell your product on Amazon easily with great benefits and rule over the market with the help of Amazon Seller Consulting Services.

I always recommend that find that sweet spot between what your passions are and where there is demand and Amazon so you know you have a passion a hobby in one area maybe if you spend your weekends doing a certain type of hobby or after work or is reading books or magazines or browsing internet on certain topic we look at a credit card statement and keep you in lead with our Amazon Seller Consulting Services and you find that wow I’m always spending time and money on yoga and that’s a really good idea. What you want to do is match that against the demand.

There’s no point to having this great hobby. There’s no demand on Amazon for that product. So, when you find through Amazon Product Listing Optimization that there’s a good demand for your product you are interested in that is a really good space to start building out your niche. And the other benefit of that is if you’re really passionate for your Amazon Product Listing Optimization and you know about this niche and you love it, it’s really easy to become the expert in that area. Amazon Product Listing Optimization makes it much easier write a great product listing and makes it much easier to be a tester for your product to know what really works compared to what a bad product is.

So, once you found that and you’re the expert in the area you really want to bring a product on that’s just not the same as anyone else’s. That’s better and the best way to find this is through Amazon you look at the one, two and three stars there are the ones who comments about what people don’t like about the product. So, go through the other compare sites find all the stuff they don’t like. Make sure your product doesn’t do that.

So you think that yoga mats if people say oh the yoga mat was too thin, the yoga mat was slippery and you keep seeing that in all the one and two star reviews. And then our Amazon Seller Consulting Services will help you know to make a thick yoga mat that’s gripping. And then on the five-star side you really only keep the four and five-star comments. So, people said they love the soft feel of the yoga mat and kept coming up in the four and five-star reviews then that’s a feature. You want to keep going.

So, once you do that availing our Amazon Listing Optimization Service then you can really tailor an awesome product that your passionate about you know will be top quality that people will love. So now you found your passion, there’s a demand for it. The way we’ll do the demand is a whole different article where actually find out how they actually determine with the Amazon Listing Optimization Service what a great product is. But the first bit is find your passion, find you demand that your sweet spot then you find your product and you make sure it’s a great product, by improving on the competitor’s faults and keeping all the good stuff.

Then lastly you want your brand to it. So, once you’ve got that then you’ve had your brand and the easiest way to do that is just get a fiver and they can build a logo and even new product packaging quite cheap but that’s another article for our best Amazon Seller Consulting Services as well so I won’t get into that one.

Basically, once you’ve got an awesome product, a demand for it with your own brand on it you’ve really got the foundations to start kicking off on Amazon hand on hand with our Amazon Seller Consulting Services and the next step is once you’ve got that is you need to build your social assets. Not everyone does this but I really recommend you build your social assets and when the reason is that your social assets give you a credibility for a proper Amazon Product Listing Optimization. It’s just not on Amazon and sets it a way to build your list and this is so important to launch a product to get that initial drive on Amazon.

I’m not sure about you but I know a lot of people, when we look at a product they look at external sites not just Amazon just to get some credibility. Amazon has great reviews but if there’s two products and one of them has its own website branded or Facebook page and the other one doesn’t. Most people are likely to go to the one with the social assets because he’s got more credibility and actually sends a product off Amazon as well.

So, what I recommend is at a minimum you want to build your Facebook page and it’s so easy to do these days, build it and provide content in share a lot of great content so you literally spend 10 minutes a day and build up a great Facebook page. It also allows you the chance to start lead captures so put some basic ads on Facebook with some coupons on there and start building a list through Amazon Listing Optimization Service so when your product arrives then you get an automatic list to go out to, to get your first orders for your product.

The other social assets are YouTube which may be a bit further down the track for Amazon Product Listing Optimization. Twitter which is the same and your own website. A website is great but you don’t have experience in that area, I recommend went on a free build your own website tools just get started, or if it is your first time out I’ll just say stick with Facebook.

That’s a great presence and as you build up and have a successful product through proper Amazon Product Listing Optimization then you can look to start building the website as well. So now you’ve got your awesome product you’ve got one social assets such as your Facebook page and now that you end up building a list you’ll have some coupon codes and giveaways on your Facebook page and maybe a tiny bit of advertising just to get that.

That first list of maybe 10, 20, 50, 100 names so you can start giving the coupons when your product arrives in Amazon you know that natural is to go out to start buying it. The reason that’s important is Amazon’s algorithm really works a lot and a proper guidance with Amazon Seller Consulting Services on how many sales you get. It sounds a bit crazy but the more sales you get the more Amazon keeps the ranking at the top as long as you’re getting good reviews.

If you get a lot of returns on it then Amazon will actually deactivate your listing is saying look you’ve had too many customer returns and must be something wrong. Fix up your listing in order to get exact Amazon Product Listing Optimization, so, it’s a bit of a like a self-fulfilling prophecy according to our Amazon FBA Expert the more so you get the more Amazon likes it the more they promote it.

The way you want to do that is when you launch it with the proper guidance of Amazon Listing Optimization Service you want to make sure that your campaign manager is set up and you’ve also got a list so you can blast your list and get exact Amazon Product Listing Optimization and campaign manager when your product rise for the first seven to 10 to 14 days. That really gives a big boost in Amazon rankings.

I find that increase sales with the Amazon Seller Consulting Services over a number of days compared to one once more a spike is much more powerful. So, it’s really important to get that first blast out there are sales and a follow up so you get customer reviews. People often buy make a decision first on the image if it attracts them and then their confidence is made whether it’s got a four, five-star review if it’s got less than four stars a lot of people won’t buy it just because the other reviews on it that is what Amazon Seller Consulting Services help you out with.

So, what we are going through today is that, how do you build your brand? So, the first thing we consider with Amazon Seller Consulting Services is brands are the way to go. The future in Amazon is what you must focus in, if you want to build a sustainable long-term business the way you do that is from that sweet spot between where your passions are and where there’s demand and you start to build that brand with a proper key points of Amazon Seller Consulting Services and you’re the expert in the area.

At the same time, you build some social assets such as Facebook to get that list build up for your aim of achieving Amazon Product Listing Optimization and then when your product launches you get that initial blast for the first 7 to 14 days to kick into that Amazon algorithm to get you up the listings and get your product selling like hotcakes.

Guys I really enjoy this article as usual.

Love to hear feedback and as I say take action make it happen.

Speak to an Expert today to evaluate your Amazon Seller Strategy and Identify Key Growth areas.

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